Another Upper Respiratory Infection

respiratory just breath on rock

respiratory just breath on rockI missed 2 days at therapy. One was because my car wouldn’t start. That day I learned that AAA  sells batteries, with warranties. Yay for that.  The second one was this Thursday, because I was/am sick. Doesn’t sound like much but when the therapy is only two days a week for six weeks.

As I mentioned I am sick. I got myself an Upper Respiratory Infection( URI). This really pisses me off.  I get so mad and discouraged when I get sick. Some of it has to do with the fact that I easily catch whatever it is you are sharing w hen you go to the store with your illness, when you cough or sneeze in your hands and not your elbow and them go ahead and choose the perfect tomato.Thank you I appreciate your sharing with me.

The other part is sometimes I just feel defeated. The reason for exercising, for going to therapy is to not only learn how to eat and breath (Pursed Lip Breathing baby) and how to use my meds properly but also to reduce my susceptibility to getting sick. I have these grand ideas that if i can just lose weight, get super fit that i will never get sick. This is not reasonable, I have lung disease. By its very nature the illness makes it hard to  fight off illnesses. You would be amazed at how big a part your respiratory system plays in keeping you healthy (not just breathing). i am a champ at being unreasonable.

The other reason I get so messed up is the medicine I have to take. This time I tried to only take the antibiotics. To no avail. I am having to take the extra steroids. This always upsets me. I  been trying like hell to lose weight. Every time I take the steroid I gain more weight. UGH! I have never ever been this big in my life. I know it is nothing I did. I had no choice but I hate it. It seems just as i start to lose the weight, as the effect of the last mega dose of steroids is diminishing I get sick again.  So I gain that weight, I get that weird puffy face and my emotions get all over the place.

I did get to go to therapy this Tuesday. I had a super hard time with the exercise part. I am proud of myself for trying though. Usually it takes weeks and weeks to get over a cold for me. I am on the couch for a week or two then weak for another two weeks . This time I went ahead and tried to exercise. They stopped me because my oxygen was low and my BP was high. I did feel a little better for the exercise I did get. Guess I got to wait for more of it though.

The lecture part was on medications. There was a pharmacist there who spoke in general about the medicines most of us take.  She went over the classes of drugs. . She went over typical dosage and side effects. What was neat is that are only 9 of us and this day there were only 7 of us present.  We got to ask questions and  we got to get specific. This does not really happen at the pharmacy. they are busy and although pharmacist seem to be nice and helpful, they do have a lot to do.  It was great to get answers that are very specific to your medications.  Including mine which was about supplements and vitamin D usage. She highly recommends D but only after going over your meds with a pharmacist. There are some meds that can be effected by supplements.

There are 158 days to the Shamrock 5k fun run on march 17, 2014. I WILL be running this.



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