Monday Humor

Monday HumorMonday, hopeful this week will be a nice one with little to no crazy.  Last week was  something else.  Everything from  old west style stand offs in Nevada to weird chemicals in sandwich making restaurant chains  bread to my having breathing difficulty and cramps in both legs.  People tend to go on emotions and so I have spent a lot of time researching all the national stuffs and  talking to folks with cooler heads. Mostly because I like to know the facts and I mean FACTS not the conspiracy stuff. Have to say that when you dig just a little bit you find that a lot of the stuff that is being claimed, while somewhat sorta kinda true, is quite a stretch to apply the current situation or has no bearing whatsoever.
Physically its been a rough week.  I tend to try to dismiss or downplay how I am feeling. You know ignore the elephant on my chest choking me. I do not know why I do that. I guess I don’t want to be a burden. I always feel like I am ruining someone’s day if I am sick. I have been having a few breathing issues, been rough at times.  Not enough to go to the hospital but enough to bother me a lot. A little activity and I breathing as heavy as a , well never mind that.

I think that, today, we all need a laugh. Well, I guess I should say I need a laugh. Either way here are some pictures to help you get your giggle on.

Monday Humor Monday Humor Monday Humor Monday Humor Monday Humor Monday Humor