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Nature Versus War

Nature Vs WarWow you should check out these photographs posted online by the Daily Mail. Amazing post. Their title is “Nature versus War: How helmets, grenades and guns discarded during World War II have been swallowed up by a tree trunks in Russia.” What is truly fascinating about it to me is not really the photos although   awesome they are not earth shattering photography. No, what is fascinating is I never thought of it.  I mean the discarded things that a soldier would throw to the side, how perhaps the medic. Maybe he took of the helmet and threw  it to the side. Or the grenade clutched in a soldiers hand, who was perhaps t, and the grenade, never armed, rolls off into the trees. I never thought of what happened to them. I suppose I thought the army would go back and pick them up. Guess not.  It would make more sense they didn’t. If I think on it there are places that are still finding land mines and there is quite an effort to find old ordinance. So the thought that this stuff was left laying around is not really odd. It is odd though that these things ended up imbedded in the trees.  Check them out…

You can read more about them at www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2602084/Nature-war-How-helmets-grenades-guns-discarded-world-wars-enmeshed-tree-trunks-Russia.html/