Look Left Look Right

Believe it or not I went to school and got me some education. I even got me a degree. In children’s literature. I write it. It is what I did for long time. The following is a story I dreamed up literally last night.  If I was gonna send this in to be considered by a magazine, I would edit and chop and condense until the same story is 300-500 words long. Not as easy of a task as one would think. Try it some time. The beautiful thing, however,  is on here, my blog, I don’t got to. Hope you enjoy.




He picked up his baseball hat and put it on his head backwards, effectively covering his blond curls. He then picked up the Dollar Store sunglasses. He stuffed a card with heart on the front of it into his back pocket. He opened the door to his room and poked his head out. He looked left. He looked right. Clear. If his mom saw him she would make him turn his hat around right. That would ruin the disguise.
He went to the door of his apartment. Slowly he opened it. He looked left. Clear. He looked right. Clear. He almost pushed the button for the elevator until he remembered that someone might be in the elevator. Someone like Josh or Luke who would want to know why he had his hat on backwards or where he was going.Worse yet, they would want to come.
He walked over to the stairs and looked down. Clear. He carefully and slowly went down the stairs. Every time he reached a new floor, he made sure to look left and to look right. If someone was in the hall he ducked his head down and waited until they went away. Lucky for him, that happened just once. He only had an hour before he had to go Baseball practice. Finally he made it to the bottom of the stairs and to the door that lead outside.
He looked through the glass door. He looked left. He look right. He could see nothing through the dirty glass. He opened the door. He looked left. He looked right. All clear. Putting on his sunglasses he stepped into the sun.  Down the steps he went and after looking left and looking right he trotted down the sidewalk to the corner.
He Looked left. He looked right. No cars. He crossed the street and went past one, two, three stores before coming to a stop. He looked left. No one. He looked right. No one. He pushed open the door in front of him and went into The Pages New, Used and Rare Bookstore. He looked left, only books. He looked right. More books. He knew what he wanted, he just wasn’t sure where it was. Slowly he walked through the small store. All of the little lamps on tables did make enough light to really see good.if it wasn’t for the skylight letting the sun in it would be almost dark. All of the books mostly had brown covers and funny names.  None of the books had the happy colorful covers like at the library where he went. These were grownup books with silly names like Living Well or the Count of Something Something.
Finally he spied the aisle with the little flag on top that said poetry. This was one of the most dangerous parts of his mission. If any of his friends had seen him come into the bookstore or happened to be in the store he could tell them he was looking for comics. He did get a really good Batman comic here once.  He approached it slowly. He looked left. No one. He looked right. seemed clear. He slowly stuck his head around the bookcase and looked down the aisle. Clear. He ducked in.
Halfway down the aisle he picked a book for the third shelf from the top. He had to stand on his tippy toes to reach it but it was worth it. His mom always complained  when they were shopping at the grocery store that the good stuff was always on top. He looked at the book in his hand. It was small, thin and said something. He sounded out the words. Row-Man-Tic Sun-its. He didn’t know what those were but when he looked in the book they looked like poems to him.
The price sticker on the top corner said $2.25. He pulled out his money from his pants pocket. He counted. He had three dollar bills and 14 pennies. That was enough. He tucked the book under his arm and went to the end of the aisle. He looked left. He looked right. Clear. He reached the counter and handed his money and the book to the man. The man had a very loud voice and announced to the whole store that Romantic Sonnets was a good book for a girlfriend.
Quickly he looked left and he looked right. All clear. He grabbed the bag and ran out of the store before anyone saw him. Some one might think he had a girlfriend. Yuck. He went to the corner. He looked left. He looked right. He crossed the street and went down 14th street. Bobby lived on 14th street. This is where he needed his disguise the most. He kept his eyes peeled.
He looked left. He looked right. He saw some kids, sitting on a porch up ahead. On the right. He put his head door and peeked through his sun glasses. As he got closer he saw that they were big kids. That was even worse. As the big kids started to call things to him he broke into a run, holding his bag close to his chest. He ran all the way till Locust Street. There he stopped to catch his breath. Besides it is where she lived. 1398A Locust Street.
He looked left. He looked right. No one. Only cars. He pulled the card from  his back pocket. He thought it was kinda girly. The card had a red heart and flowers on the front. On the inside he had written in his best handwriting, using the pink marker. He opened the bag with the book in it and dropped the card inside. Again he looked left and he looked right. Still clear. He put the bag under his arm and shoved his hands in his pockets, Slowly he went down the block. He would whistle but he didn’t know how. Dang, he should have listened to bobby instead of giving up. Then he could have whistled. Instead he hummed. No song just some humming. He looked at the houses. 1394. 1396. All of sudden he was in front of her house.
Her house was pretty. Like her. It was blue and white and had little flowers marching down the walkway. Her door was on the right. There was a girly flowery thing hanging on it. It was pretty just like her.  He looked left. He looked right. No one coming. Now was the time. Now. His legs almost didn’t want to listen, but h got them to move. He ran up to the door, put the bag with the book and card on the doormat. He rang the doorbell and he ran.
He ran across the street without looking left or right. He dove behind sometrashcons that were sitting at the curb. He peeked between two of the cans. There she was. She was beautiful! With her golden hair and blue jeans on.  She was bending down to pick up the bag. He watched as pulled the book and the card from it.  She opened the envelope and pulled the card out. He read it with her.
“To my love and better person
from your sekret admire.”
He really didnt know how to spell secret but he couldn’t ask his mom or nothing. Oh how he wished the most beautiful girl  would look at him. Then she would know he loved her. As he watched her a man came up behind her. The man put his arms around her. She smiled at him! Then she kissed him! He couldn’t believe it. She had another guy. She never said anything about having a man at school. No pictures on her desk. All the other teachers had pictures. She didn’t He stood up and watched as she and the man went inside her ugly house.  How could she? He turned his hat around and stormed down the street. He crossed the street and he did not look left or right. He stormed past the bookstore, where he could have gotten a lot of comics if he had known she was a cheater. Again he did not look left or right. He crossed the street to his building. this time he took the elevator to his floor. when the doors slid open he got off. He did not look left. He did not look right. He went straight to his apartment and into his room. There he threw his Dollar Store sunglasses into the trash and sat on his bed. He was never gonna love a girl again. Besides they were  stupid and he was pretty sure they were carriers of Cooties.

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