Introducing The Grandma Diary


I have, up until this point, been living the life of Riley. Retired young, living in an adult community with plenty of amenities and “clubs” to join, I have had a nice life style, if not boring. This is all about to change.  Well, I will still live where I do. I love my house and my community, but my days shall be changing. My daughter has moved closer to me with her daughter Charlee. Charlee is one of the things that bring me joy and up until this time I only saw her sporadically.  Now I shall be watching her as her mother is commuting several hours a day. That means that I shall be taking Charlee to kindergarten and picking her up and, of course, there are the holidays.  I am excited about this.

It will be a total change for me. Charlee is an active, bright 5 years old girl. I am a bright, kinda active 54 year old.  Charlee wins in the energy department every time. It is good for me. I am challenged to come up with activities and things to do  to keep  her from dying of boredom.  I think kids need stimulation. Charlee already enjoys doing crafts with me and cooking. Crafts teach her problem solving and cooking teaches her to follow directions and a little bit of science.  Besides its fun.

This last Thanksgiving, Charlee was with me. We made Turkeys out of toilet paper rolls and I printed some turkey placemats to decorate.  The place mats got a little too big in height to use as place mats so we hung them up for ambiance during our feast. Each placemat had a spot to write what she was thankful for. She decided that she was thankful for each person in the family. She was also thankful for Turkey, food, and God.  The toilet paper turkeys also made on to the table for the feast.




I have big plans for the upcoming Christmas holiday. I am going to have help to make all the cookies, candies and other yummies for the holidays. I am also looking forward to instilling the joy of Christmas into her.  I already started with her getting excited about seeing Santa Claus at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  When I was a little, I was sure that if we saw Santa at the end of the parade then Christmas was going to be happening for sure. At least the presents part.  Also lets don’t forget the joy of the Jesus’s birth. I will be telling her that story as well.

In this section of the blog, The Grandma Diary, I will be chronicling my adventures with Charlee.  I expect it to be quite the journey for us all.