The Sky Tastes Like Blueberries

skytasteslike blueberries

Today, Charlee was eating some fruit snacks that have a little juice them as I drove her to school. She informs that she will eat a blue one and then tells me it tastes like the sky.
“And what does the sky taste like?” I ask her.
After some hesitation, Charlee answers, “ The sky tastes like blueberries.”
Now you know, the sky tastes like blueberries.
It has been an entire week that I have been taking her to school and picking her up. There were some things I forgot about that happen with children. It has been a long time for me.  Here is a list of things that parents of small children know but Grandmas forgot.

1. Waiting. There is a lot of waiting with 5 year olds. You wait for the teacher to come to where they are lined up to bring them to class. You wait for the class to get out. Of course, I am a bit early to pick her up because I promised to be there and I will keep that promise. You wait for them to eat their food, you wait for the getting dressed and sometimes you wait for the rest of the sentence to come out of their mouth.

2. Your name is golden. Sometimes kids like to say your name for no apparent reason and they have to make up something to justify calling you.
“Um, grandma”
“Um Charlee”
“I need to tell you something”
“I forgot”
Five seconds later
“Yes Charlee”
And so it goes.

3. Five year old drama can be intense. Charlee has only been to this school for five days. The second day she was very upset because some Big KIDS called her a baby. The horror! She told me that she was not a baby and she was a big girl. I told her big kids can be dumb sometimes. Yesterday she lost her mitten…Worse day ever according to her. This morning we had to look in the usual places again to no avail. Not a good day. AND she has a self- proclaimed cold. She informed she was sick this morning. (sneezing and a very suspect dramatic cough) Terrible things, terrible I tell ya. Poor child.

4. Enthusiasm is catching. We have presents under the tree and she saw some with her name on them. Very exciting. She had to show me as she jumped up and down, clapping her hands. I honestly caught very little of what she was saying. I was busy wondering if I could jump up and down and clap my hands without losing my breath.

5. TV Commercials are designed to drive parents and grandparents crazy. Almost every ad on TV that has a princess, mermaid, unicorn or other sparkly things I get to hear, “I want that”. Now I know that of course she wants that, it is shiny and sparkly and the kids on TV look happy. At first, I tried to tell her that what she is saying is that she likes that, but I was told, no, she wants that. I don’t actually respond now. I guess it is part of growing up. To want and to not get. Heck, I was going to make one of her dreams come true until I found out it was $89.99. She also doesn’t remember it the very next second. She is five.

6.Getting hugs first thing in the morning is awesome. Being told you are awesome and loved every hour is also awesome.

I am 100% sure that if you are a parent or a grandparent , you could add to this list. I am also 100% sure I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. Next time you look up at the blue sky, remember, it tastes like blueberries. See you next time on The Grandma Diary