Friday Video on a Thursday

 I posted Fridays video on a Thursday because next week is our anniversary  (wedding) and to celebrate we are going on an adventure of some sorts on Friday. I do not know what we are doing or where we are going as I, quite confidently and possibly stupidly, said “I trust you” to the Honey. So who knows. I’m up for it for sure.
This video goes over the halloween horsie I made.  Also a white whale with gold speckles.  I thought of ‎Herman Melville  Moby Dick the entire time  I was making it.  Don’t think I should name a plushie Goldy Dick, though, so the whale’s  name is just Goldy.
The plushies shown will be available at   most likely next week. If you are interested in purchasing them, let me know in a message or comment. The best way is through the facebook page.