Fall Pumkin Patch

Yesterday was one of those beautiful lovely fall days that start out a little chilly but warm up by noon. Short sleeve weather, wonderful full sunshiny day. I took advantage of it by going out to the Pumpkin patches. I have not been to a real pumpkin patch in a while.
For those of you who are not familiar with the pumpkin patch concept. Let me explain. A pumpkin patch is a place, typical rural or semi rural area that gathers a harvest of Pumpkin gourds together in order to sell them for Halloween. We but them and we carve them. There is a whole reason behind the carving of pumpkins that is rooted in traditions and believes, man of them ancient. I will not go into to that today,that is a post for another time.
The patch is typically full of pumpkins of all sizes from tiny to huge and many of them are arranged on hay bales with dried cornstalks in between. Lots of the patches around here have little carnival rides for the kids, corn mazes and other just fun stuff, but most is geared towards the kids. Me being a big kid we went.
I did not get to ride on the rides, (Not short enough, darn it) but we did find a perfect pumpkin. It was very fun and I totally enjoyed my day.