Bye Mom See you Soon


momI have to say that this Monday is a better one. I usually do a funny for the Monday posts but today I want to tell you about my weekend. Mostly cathartic for me and maybe, just maybe your day isn’t so bad.
On Friday I went to the local store. I was planning a gastronomic dinner for that night looking forward to spending time with my honey not only on Friday but then on Saturday we were off to the mountains for a day. Well I have an older car and when we bought we installed a thing called a Loc-tronic. It is a little gadget that if you do not insert it into the car the car will not turn over. Pretty good anti-theft thing without the hassle of alarms. Well, silly woman here lost it. You cannot start the car without it.
I did not immediately panic. I searched the car, the pavement around the care, my pockets, in the grocery store. Nothing. Vanished into thin air. After about 20 minutes, I panicked. I was in a hot car with a bag of groceries that included meat. SO phone call to the honey for rescue. He came with an air conditioned car (thank goodness!) and he searched . For almost an hour. Nothing. I was crying, partially out of frustration and partially out of the prednisone dosage I am taking. Must have looked a sight sitting in the blazer crying.
I decided to check my Facebook. Bad mistake. I looked and my daughter had a post about her grandmother passing away. WHAT? My mom? Died? My poor daughter. She called me. It seemed her cousin called her and told her that family had been notified. Well maybe. I checked my phone. No messages, no calls, I checked the husbands, no messages no calls, When we got home same thing. SO I find out that my mother died on Facebook. How’s them apples?
Now I am really upset. Completely bawling. The honey can’t find the loc-tronic thing, my poor daughter is now even more upset, and I am upset. Crazy crazy day. We finally get the car towed to be fixed. I have a good cry for about 4 hours. I take care of my daughter. My son however was up north riding. SO Saturday we had plans to go join anyway. I told him then.
I did finally get a phone call, message really late that afternoon that my mom had passed away in the morning, that she would be cremated and there would be no services. That set me off again. But it is ok. I know my mom would not want a funeral. I however need to say goodbye formally so me the honey and the kids will be going to the beach on Saturday and sending mom to Hawaii via message in a bottle. It is something we talked about. I had planned to take her to Hawaii but she got too sick to go. SO we send her anyway.
I am glad that she passed. She lived a long full life. It is me that will miss her. I will miss picking up the phone and talking with her or driving by and stopping to say hi for a few hours. My kids will miss her, she practically raised them both. She lived with me for the longest time and although there were times she was a bear to be with, but  I always enjoyed having her around. Not only for the babysitting, but we took long walks together and talked on many things. In bad weather we would go the mall and do what we called the mall crawl. We both loved to go see the decorations at Christmas, even though they were the same thing every year. We would look and then go have a Cinnamon roll.
So many memories go through my head. The dress she made me for the Policeman’s ball. Her way of making candied yams, still my favorite today. Her gossiping and sometimes being so silly with it. Her crusade to get everyone to quit drinking and go to sober treatment. Her politics so different than mine and the discussions that followed. And of course, her signature reply to the question, “how are you?”
Mean, Grouchy and Unreasonable.
I miss you mom