ER Visit

ER Visit

ER VisitWell, my first ER visit related to my lung disease occurred this Monday.. It was incredibly scary to not be able to catch my breath. I was feeling a bit off sorts the night before but was thinking it would get better. The next day, wasn’t feeling too bad but wasn’t better. I truly just felt tired and like the top of my lungs were  not working. I was thinking of calling the doctor when they called me.

To back up a little, I had a Upper Respiratory Infection last week. I had been taking the antibiotics and when I was still not breathing well went ahead and took some Predisone. The Predisone was working wonderfully, taking full deep wonderful breaths I was. Then Sunday night they were not working. Monday when the Doc called she said to go to er immediately if not sooner…so off I go

I got hold of my brother in law to take me. Ugh what a ride. I was having trouble getting a good breath and we got stuck in commute traffic.  What is usually a 15 to 20 min ride took an hour. In retrospect I should have called 911  but what an embarrassment.I would hate to do that. I am also one of those who think that maybe it isnt as bad as it is. You know, like somehow or another I am being silly. I now I know, but it is truth.

When I finally got there and again, stubborn ole me insisted on walking into the ER. Took a while had to catch the breath. When I got in there I was rather grateful for the wheelchair that showed up. They took me immediately into triage. The way the emergency is set up is by colors, green yellow and red, like a traffic light. SO Green was for triage and for light booboos., yellow for cautionary and red for big boo boos. I was sent damn near immediately to yellow. I spent maybe 2 minutes in triage.  Guess when you say I can’t breath they take it a little seriously.

Into yellow 17 I go. There they disrobe me, take vitals, hook me up to about a billion sensors. When the told me I could go home I counted 15 of those little sticky sensor pads and a few more at home. Of course they hooked me to a oxygen sensor. Which said that my levels where good but the nature of my disease almost guarantees that. I trap air so they always read lower than yours but still good at 96-98%.  The respirations though were not very good. They also did a EKG to make sure that my heart was doing ok. Again the nature of my disease and just how our respiratory systems works is that when you cant get a good breath, your heart will work harder to get the oxygen you need. It is also common to be breathless with heart attack. My heart was strong and healthy. YaY.

Anyway the end result was that they gave 80mg of Prednisone, and put me on continuous Albuterol solution for abut 2 hours. It worked. When i got in there my lower lobes where wheezy and my upper lobes where not moving at all. X-rays showed no pneumonia but they feel I picked up a virus that caused me to have bronchitis.After 6 hours I was sent home, stable and 80mg of Prednisone taper packs.  that means 80 milligrams for 3 days then 60 then 40 etc..

I was rather upset this happened. I mean I have been doing everything right, following directions and everything. I been going to therapy and listening, putting into practice the things I learned. I have been exercising. I have been eating right. I even been meditating and trying to reduce my stress levels. I am being good girl and still this happens. It is very discouraging to me and hard for me to not get down on myself or to over analyze it.

I will continue to do what I have been doing though, as my son said (who actually spent darn near the whole time with me) this is a setback not a failure.

There are 151 days until 5k Fun Run on Sunday March 16, 2014 I WILL be running it.






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