Earthday Isolation Crafts for the Kids

Earthday or Any Day Crafts.

I thought I would share two projects to do with the kiddos while they are at home. Some of you are homeschooling and while I am not, nor am I an expert both of these can be used as educational enrichment. I am always looking for fun things to do with my granddaughter and, although she is eight years old, she has still has not developed a good attention span. Both of these crafts would fit the bill for her. The first one might not be as intricate as the video, but she would enjoy the creativity.

Shoebox Aquarium

This project is cute and creative. It would be awesome for the homeschooler (and who isn’t these days?). Perhaps tie in a lesson on fish and the ocean. Earth Day is on the 22 of April and talking about plastic pollution is an idea?

I would encourage you to not buy anything and use what you have around the house or yard to create this aquarium. That is in keeping with Earth day.

One last note on this video: the music was very annoying and I muted the video. There is no speaking and all instructions are written.

Earthday Recycled Bird Feeders

Here is another idea for Earthday and just something to do while stuck inside. Make some bird feeders. Again it can be tied into homeschooling. It is from Faber-Castel, yep the people who make pencils. The music is also annoying.