Craft Fairs

I got a table

I like making things. I like making things so much I got an Etsy store. ( if you don’t know by now). I do sell things on there. I get the “Can you make me a” commissions. I have a Square Shop (free version). I sell my things mostly to get some cash to make more things, but it does help pay for the Etsy and the Domain Name.

Last year I started to do craft fairs. Just local farmers market on Saturday downtown on 2nd street. I had my son help me. He brought a shelter, one of those wall-less tents to help keep the sun off of you and your stuff. Tried an Art fair I was invited to, not for me. I can’t be that kind of person who looks at your art and judge you. Or decide what it is you do isn’t art. Not for me. I think there is so much talent out there and, while your thing may not be my cup of tea, it doesn’t mean it isn’t good or unworthy. Besides, if you are like me, I put a lot of thought, heart, and soul into the things I make, I assume you do as well.

My first craft fair with the easy-up shelter was awesome and I looked forward to doing the summer this year. I loved talking to tall the people that stopped by. The kids are always a joy. I was a bit envious of those people who had “DISPLAYS” with their logos and names. They had nice table coverings and fancy display things to put their stuffs on. They had banners with their names. Some had actual cash registers. Many had massed produced items. Like a lot of them. I had tables with my stuff laid on them, priced as they should be. I had card stock signs. I had a square card reader plugged into my phone and an old brown cigar box with change in it. I handed out homemade stickers with my logo and business cards. Heck, my bags were bulk bought online and did not have my name anywhere on them, not even a thank you printed across the front. I did ok. But was a little jealous of the fancy displays and stuff. I had dreams..

Then this silly virus hit and everything closed down. No craft fairs, no sidewalk Sundays, no huge Lodi Sidewalk sales, nothing, nada, everyone stay home! Etsy sales slowed down. I get it. Who wants to buy things when you are not sure this isn’t the end of the world. (Side note: I crochet. I would be valuable in an End of World world, I can make blankies). Eventually, things did begin to open up. Slowly. I was invited to do an Art Show a couple of weekends ago. This time, just a 6-foot table with my things on it. There were people with shelter and people with tables with nice black covers. Again they had DISPLAYS. I threw my stuff on a table nicely. I did have a tablecloth this time. I truly look forward to doing another show with the same group.

It was interesting to watch the shoppers. Turns out people do gravitate to the tents and booths and kind of just walked by my little table. I was not a head-turner. I was even asked why I didn’t have a shelter. Some came back and took a longer look. Some bought items. This time, though, I was not envious. I watched people spend over an hour setting up, some much longer. They spent the same amount of time tearing it all down. I was set up in half an hour. I tore it down in half an hour. I do wish I had an easy to put up shelter with my name on it, but mostly because it gets hot outside and the wind is a factor where I live. I guess it does attract attention as well.

Just remember, when you are at a craft fair, the person sitting at a table has awesome stuff. Those with fancy display shelves and banners are not better crafters or artisans than that person with just a table. They are just people who bought more display stuff. Give that table person just as much time as the big guys and you just might find some cute, amazing things.