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Boo Boo Bear and a Child

Boo Boo Bear theblogofteresa.com BThe Bible says a child shall lead them. It doesn’t mean a child will become a world leader, it means that we can sometimes learn from children if we listen. This last week I learned a valuable lesson in perceptions from a 3 year old. It involved a little Mishap Bear named Boo Boo Bear I had made and didn’t like because I thought it wasn’t perfect enough.

This Mishap Bear, a small crocheted bear, was named the Boo Boo Bear because I had intended for it to be a bear that fell off a sled. It had some band aids and, in making a cast, I got the plaster all over the bear. It was now less than perfect so I set it aside. For me there was no way I could sell that or let it be seen. Except my husband stole it and put it in his shirt pocket. There it lived until we went to the zoo a couple of weeks with one of his friends and her child.

At the zoo my husband pulled out the Boo Boo Bear and handed it to the little girl, I think she was crying. I was so embarrassed. Not my best work and he was showing people I had just met. I was not happy, but it seemed to calm the girl down and she held it for a while. Besides I fully intended to grab it back from the Hubs and throw it away. Me being me, I forgot. So fast forward to this last week.

The same friend, her friend all the kids, me, the hubby and the granddaughter all went to Gilroy Gardens together. Gilroy Gardens was originally called Bonfante Gardens. The gardens is/was home to fantastic trees called the Circus Trees, created by Axel Erlandson . These trees were coaxed into shapes such as a square, loops etc. The gardens is

Boo Boo Bear www.theblogofteresa.com
Square Tree

now mostly amusement rides and such. I didn’t get to see too many of the trees because, well, children. Spent time on some rides and a large amount of time in the water park area. I hear that a lot of the trees are now duplicated in plastic as the originals have died.

There we were having fun and my husband pulls the darn Boo Boo Bear out of his pocket. He hands it to the little one.  I am embarrassed because it really is messed up and not perfect. Again in front of people I had just met as well. Sigh. I should have remembered to throw that thing away. The little one loved it and was happy to hold it. She even shared with her much younger brother. OK so the kids like it, but what do they know? Maybe a lot.

The Boo Boo Bear broke. Since I was not happy with it, I did not do due diligence with the knots and making sure everything was secured. The knot holding the leg unraveled and the leg came off. My husband informed that the Boo Boo Bear needed to be fixed. I looked at him and I believe my words were, “Throw it away its a piece of crap anyway.” The little one started to cry. In her eyes the Boo Boo Bear was perfect and just needed to be fixed.

That ,my friends, hit me hard. Indeed the Boo Boo Bear was perfect. She had gotten much joy from him, not once, but twice. It was only me who had decided the Bear was imperfect. Isn’t that the way of things? It is our outlook as adults that make things good or bad. If we had the eyes of a child, perhaps we would see that things are perfect, they just  sometimes need a little fixing. Many times, I have judge something or someone as imperfect or, perhaps, “a piece of crap” only to find there was much more to the story. The part I couldn’t see. That, maybe, if I looked a little harder and with the eyes of a child I would see that something just needed a little fixing. Other than that, it was perfect.