Workout Wendnesday

Workout Wednesday

Workout WednesdayI had finished my pulmonary rehab a few weeks ago and honestly haven’t been working out that much. I had a brief visit to the ER with breathing problems and then my mom passed.  Been eating badly and laying around. Not very healthy. It is funny a little bit of stress and it is so easy to justify eating fast food and not doing anything. Definitely need to work on my coping skills.

The good thing though is I have an opportunity to continue with the workouts at the same place I did pulmonary rehab.  This way I can do the whole guided warm-up thing, exercise with nurses around who can monitor my oxygen levels and my vitals so I don’t pass out, and then a guided cool down session.

This is all good for me. I know myself. If I pay for something and have people who expect me I will be there. If I am doing it on my own I will do it but will also give myself excuses to NOT do it. Even though I look like a cow right now I will indeed give me excuses and permission to lay down. It is a bit weird to me that I can look in the mirror, dislike what I see but my brain will also say to me ,“It’s ok. You have GOOD reason to be this way. You quit smoking. You have trouble breathing when you get sick. And boy have you been sick a lot. Can’t move around when that fricking sick. “

Yep my brain is an asshole. Even though it is true. I have been sickly. When I am sickly I have trouble breathing. I did indeed quit smoking. All true.  There is however no excuses. Since I went to rehab I have learned how to deal with this stuff.  I know how to monitor myself so I do not overdo and send me back to the hospital. I learned how not to over eat and eat what is good for my disease. I have learned these things  and my brain knows it . It is just an ass and probably my biggest obstacles to losing the weight I have gained and getting in shape. Both of those things will do a world of good for me. Just got to shut up the brain.

My body does like working out. Yesterday I did the treadmill and a new machine that is both pedal and arms.. My blood pressure evens out and becomes much better when I work out. Seems my body remembers when I was in shape and wants to get back to it. Despite what my brain says.

I will be going on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So far I have lost NO Weight but I have lost an inch. Christmas is coming and it will be hard to say no to the goodies and honestly not sure if I want to. SO might not lose any weight till after the holidays. That is ok with me.