Weight Loss And Parking Lots

Have you ever gone into a parking lot and chosen a space to park in that is far from all the other cars? Then when you come out of the store or mall or wherever you were, you have cars surrounding your car? You are still far from the building and there are other closer parking spaces available, but those cars choose to park right next to you. Like an island of cars in a sea of empty parking space. Well the same thing happens when you mention you are trying to lose weight, (or quit smoking, have a disease.)

It is true. People have a weird need to park next to you and tell you how they were able or unable to lose weight. They tell you all the diets, the supplements, the exercises that worked or don’t work. I experienced in when I quit smoking, the folks telling me all kinds of things, a lot of it not helpful. You would thing people would be more encouraging in your journey. Everyone knows that losing weight is healthier for you (as is stop smoking). So, why are folks not more encouraging?

I have to say this. The people with the most opinions tend to be the people I don’t want to be like. In this case, they are fat people. They tell me about weight watchers. I know people who have been on weight watchers for years and years and have not lost weight.  I mean I realize that the point system is designed to cut calories and the “bad” things, but I don’t think they mean that you have pie instead of dinner. They tell you it works but they are not “doing” it right now. Same with Jenny Craig and the other weight loss programs.  I am sure all the programs worked, but I have never personally met anyone who works them.

People also like to tell you about the supplements, medicines, and foods to eat or not eat. Not just people on TV, weight loss are a 20+ billion dollar industry, I am talking about the folks sitting there eating chips in the lunchroom talking like experts about how to lose weight. Maybe I am wrong but maybe not eating that entire huge bag of chips might help. Sorry folks I don’t have “wheat belly” I don’t eat too many processed foods,(as a matter of fact I like to eat as organic as I can), I don’t need more cinnamon, honey, vitamin pick a letter. I need to not eat so much of the food I choose to eat and move more.

So far, exercise has been my biggest weight loss tool. I am not talking about an elliptical machine or stair climbing or running. I am straight up walking. Not always fast.  Just a lot of steps and increasing that number as I am able. I was thinking when I started all this. , how did I manage to eat all that food as a kid and still be skinny as heck. I was so skinny folks called me twiggy. (like the model) So how did I do that? Well I certainly did not sit at a desk all day, I ran, I played, I remained active. So active I will be. It is working. I do have my Fitbit, because I do well having a step goal. Trying to be active anyway. Like I was as child, just takes me a little longer these days.

I am still at 175 and my step goal is 13000