A day in the life

They Told Me To Go To Rehab And I said Ok: My First Day At Pulmonary Rehab

imagesToday was my first day at the Pulmonary Rehabilition Club. Being the first day, all we did was an orientation. So not too bad. This is how it went:
I walked in and not sure where to go I stepped up to the first desk I saw. You know the ones. They are about chest high or higher and there is usually one or two people sitting behind it. Where they sit is lower than the front so you look down on them. The person behind is most often on the phone, the computer or talking to a co-worker, but not really looking at you. I believe they call this desk reception.
Well they directed me around the corner. Easy enough, except the next desk again wasn’t the correct one. Finally the third time I found the correct one. There I got the mandatory papers on a clipboard to read sign initial date and directed to take a seat with the others who were to be my future rehab-mates. I definitely felt way too young and out of place.
There 9 of us in this class. There are 6 men. They are much older than me….as one put it He graduated class in 62 and the other said 52. So much older. Then there was one younger man….maybe a little older than me who of course doesn’t have a bad disease at all and is there because …well he had a little problem with his lungs.
The other participants are women. One is a recent widow who is really quite lost about all things including why she was there and the other has a disease that requires a lung transplant. She is there to try to live long enough to get that transplant. She was in a wheelchair and using oxygen.
Speaking of oxygen, turns out that most of the other participants should be using oxygen but wasn’t. Seems the general consent was they didn’t want to become dependent on it so they didn’t wear outside of the house. That is silly. Even the instructor said that it was silly not to use it. That one does not become depend on oxygen like some drug. Quite the opposite. One lives longer as it keeps the heart from working so hard. If your heart works out it get overly buff and become unable to function properly. Using your oxygen keeps the heart muscle nice and small.
So after going over what is going to happen in the next 5 weeks and going over the binder we received, we got to take a break. This place is cool. They provided us with all you can drink water juice and all you can eat snacks. The snacks are not even gross. There are nuts and granola bars and surprise surprise cheezits available. So I got me a juice and chests.
Well part of the assessment was to hook up with the other two pulmonology rehab instructor peeps. I know one was named Richard. Could not hear him for nothing. The other was a chick. I forget her name. Probably because she went on and on about the combination of drugs I am on. They work . Yes they are a little unconventional but he work. AND seeing as she is not a doctor not her place. Besides they tell doctor any concerns about my health they have. SO I forgot her name..was a little miffed about the lecture.
We were brought into a gym and sat down (on the blue chairs) where e=we got our blood pressure taken (good luck hard to take mine) and our O2 (blood oxygen saturation) was taken. Mine was 100% mostly due to the combinations of drugs I take. We then walked around a blue line which would be the same as walking around a volleyball court. For supposedly 6 minutes or whenever our O2 dropped below 90. They kept the oximeter on us (it is what measures the oxygen) So I walked around. And walked. For 6 minutes. Right at the end my oxygen dropped to 85. And I got dizzy. Which is normal and typical. They freaked out a little. When I stopped and took a couple of good breaths…my levels went back up but my BP went down. LOL. Always happens. SO they were concerned and I had to sit for a while.
That was first day. I go back in two days. Then I am supposed to hook up with the physical therapist for an evaluation and a how to work the machines if that is what I am going to be doing . All in all it was ok. I am whupped though so pizza for dinner and I am sitting for the night.