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SPARKLE After Another Stupid Stress Lecture

StressQuestion..How come every class, lecture, mandatory meeting etc that talk about how to deal with stress so stressful? I have  been to a f w. Every time I think that maybe, just maybe they will have to say  that is not the same ol, same ol , they don’t.They basically take two hours to teach the Serenity Prayer. Or they call it fancy names like  redirection, altering adaptation or accepting, but, really it is the Serenity Prayer.

God grant me the serenity

To accept the things I cannot change (acceptance)

The courage to change the things I can (altering, redirection)

And the wisdom to know the difference (adaptation)

Really the whole lecture in 3 seconds. If you haven’t figured out by now, I went to a therapy session and after workout the lecture was on stress and coping. I have been a little ball of stress lately. Yes I have. Cute, but a ball of stress never-the-less. I was looking forward to this class. For some stupid reason I though it would be geared it those with pulmonary disease and the stress having such disease causes.  You know, the old “I have an incurable disease my stress is special and different then you ordinary peoples stress”. Dammit people, she didn’t even acknowledge that. Nope instead she gave us the same lecture I have heard a thousand times.

Sigh. She did throw in some stuff about mindfullness which is pretty good and I will probably share at a later date. And she did NOT share or talk about SPARKLE but I found it in our binder . That I will share now. It might actually be helpful, even to those of how have special stress.


S–  Sleep well.Your bed is for sleeping reading and intimacy. It is for sleeping not thinking.  You should not use your bed for TV watching, e-mail checking or arguing with the spouse.

P Plan Everday. Create a to-do list every morning. This will give you a road map of what you need to at beginning of the day and a reminder of what still needs to be done through out the day. It is also a good to place to check off your accomplishments. Of course, make sure you don’t overdo the  to do  list…

AAnticipate Less Learn to recognize the false assumptions you make that lead to anxiety. Will things really turn out to be as bad as you think? When you look to the future , visualize the success rather than the failure. After all you really don’t know which it will be, so why not expect the best.

R Relax Breathe Deeply when you start to feel stress . (in my case pursed lip breathing) Get up and change you r environment if only for a short time. Go for a walk. Create time for your own kind of mediation, a quiet space and time that is just for you.

K Keep Anger Under Control Be empathetic.and forgiving others. Like you, everyone is just doing the best they can.

LLaugh Take time to share  a joke. Laugh at the curves life throw you. Use positivity to keep your self on track. Affirmations should use the 4 Ps : Personal, positive passionate and present.

E Eat Well and Exercise Your body needs to be a well tuned machine to deal with all the stress on it.  Try to eat natural fruit and less packaged snacks (anything that comes in a wrapper or plastic bag). Add more veggies! And,  of course, more water and less caffeine.

She did not go over this at all. I am glad I found it . I thinking that the serenity prayer and the above will help me deal with stress more than what she did talk about.  Basically, easy does it and  SPARKLE!