A day in the life

Sea World

My recent vacation took me down  to southern California to San Diego. Can I say how lovely San Diego is? Beautiful weather. It even rained during our trip but we donned cheap plastic rain ponchos and ventured forth anyway. It was still 80 degrees while raining. It was nice. Reminded me of when I live in Hawaii. Rained every afternoon but remained warm. The big difference though is that in San Diego, one could not cross the street to get out of the rain. It poured pretty good for half the day.

Anyway, we visited a few places. Most notable visits were to the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Wildlife Park, and San Diego Sea World. .All three were amazing and I took a bazillion pictures. Of course, I will only share the great ones and I will talk about all of the parks, but I start with SeaWorld.  Very amazing.

There has been in recent months some controversy about Sea world and people have protested the idea of the animals being used in shows. (You can read about that here: http://www.cbs8.com/story/29254517/protesters-demand-seaworld-empty-its-tanks)  I know those animals are big and powerful and  can do what they want to do.  I really do not want to get into the whole who is right and who is wrong. I had a good time there. I am glad I went. Besides the Shamus shows, there were dolphins and seals shows. The coolest thing though was seeing some narwhals. Never seen one before and honestly if it wasn’t for the park I would never see one, never ever in my life.

I loved the shark encounters where we went through the aquarium. Sharks are super neat creatures. I don’t want to swim with them, but I did get to pet some of them at the shark petting pools.  There were Sea turtles and other fishes. I saw some Piranhas. Amazing aquariums and one of my favorites, octopi (that is plural for octopus)

Here are some of the better pictures I took of my trip to Sea World. Enjoy.