Pear Fair

Ever been to a Pear Fair? I have been to the Garlic festival in  Gilroy, Ca. It was ok. Mostly expensive parking, expensive entry and lots of

Pear Fair

Pear Fair poster.

alcohol and food with garlic. It was bit cloying the smell and I love garlic. There were NO vampires. A lot of people love that festival.I am not one of them. I have not been to many others , like the Asparagus festival in Stockton, mainly because I don’t like asparagus. I did,however, find a festival I can get behind. The Pear Fair in Courtland, CA. It is held on the last Sunday of July every year, as they like to remind you.

Courtland, CA, where the Pear Fair is held, has a whopping 355 souls living  there. It is a small town, where Bartlett pears rule, is located on the Sacramento river. Courtland was named after Courtland Sims, son of James V. Sims, a landowner who opened a steamer landing in the community in 1870. Back in the day, the Sacramento river was very busy all up and down its banks. Farmers would box up their goods, put it on the pier and a steamer would come by and pick it up. Week or so later, the empty boxes would return to the pier. It was THE transport system for the farmers and their goods.  The last Sunday in July was usually the beginning of the  harvest (or so). That is why the fair.

Pear Fair

Pear Fear schedule

The Pear Fair was rather cool. I missed the parade and the crowning of the Pear Fair Queen as my honey went straight instead of taking a left . We ended up on the wrong levee and had to turn around. No Coronations for me to see. I have never seen one, so we will go back and be in time next year. Besides the parade there was all kinds of things to see and do. If you were a kid, there were  huge bouncy house area where you could pick from slides, to castles to pirates ships to play on. I think it a bit unfair us grownups cant go in.

There was a quilt show that was rather nice. You could go into the school gym and see a history of the area including lots of pictures. Not much has changed in some of these Delta towns. Except much of the harvests goes by truck now. There was a craft show area, You could buy candles, and plants and wood signs. There was an area where the county had vector control out to show you how to battle mosquitos. There was of course the food. there was pear pie, pear bread, pear wine, pear beer, pear tarts, pear cookies, actual pears, and a pear-ade which is what we got.  It was lemon lime soda, with pear juice and a cherry. It was ok.  Sounds better than it tasted. Next year I shall go for the pie.



Pair fair.

Gentleman in background informed us that this jeep truck was most likely from the 60’s.



There were events which we did not stick around to see or missed completely. No points for participation for us. They had a 5 mile and 10 mile run in the morning.  Then a pancake breakfast. They had the biggest pear award and gosh darn if I don’t know how big the biggest pear was.  There was a story time, a duck calling contest, pie eating contest ,kids and adult divisions.  There was lots of music as well. Different local bands playing and they one i heard sounded pretty darn good. It was Rachel Steel & Road 88 playing.

I had a good time. I will go back next year barring weather or trips to Disneyland or some such thing. I would like to see the parade and the coronation and really like to see the duck calling contest!   Never , ever thought about calling ducks, on their phones or just by hollering.  Next year I will remember my camera, and be able to get you better pics than the cellphone.



Pear Fair

Tank. Don’t know what kind.



Pear Fair

1943 Locust Tank