Oakland Athletics Baseball Game




I went to the baseball game last night with my honey. I love baseball. No , that is not totally true. I am not a fan of baseball. I am a fan of the Oakland Athletics. I do not care if another team is playing baseball. As far as I am concerned there is no reason to watch if the A’s are not in it. Been that way since I first saw them as a kid.

When we came from Hawaii to California, somehow I got to go to  A’s game with a group of kids. I had never seen a baseball game. Really. I do not remember little league in Hawaii or anyone at school playing ball. Just never was in my field of consciousness. So my first game  I was a rookie’s rookie. And I fell in Love. The smell of the grass, the energy of the crowd, the sounds of the game..oh yea. And we were in the upper deck, in the cheap seats. I was in love. I am talking Catfish Hunter, Reggie Jackson, Ray Fosse, Sal Bando to name a few…Yep from then on I have been an A’s fan.

Last night didn’t go so well as a team. We lost. We got stomped. We did not even really show up for the game. But that is ok. All these years, it seems the A’s will do horrid at the start but  watch out after the All Star game…we gonna play now!

I ate too much junk and tried to talk, er yell, too much, and overdid it but I surely did have fun. Below are some pictures I took.