Not Smoking 1101 Days and Counting

I was asked to update what was going on with my smoking or lack of, my health and what is going on with me. So here goes.
It has been 1101 days since my last cigarette. Or 157 weeks and 2 days. Or 26,424 hours. Or 1,585,440 minutes. But who’s counting.
How is it going for me? Goodly. Most of the time like 99% of them time I do not want a cigarette. Every once in a while though, I do. It is like my brains says you haven’t smoked in soooo long and right now you are bored, stressed, angry, sad, and you deserve a cigarette to relieve all that. It is just one and you will be fine. Probably won’t start up again, one cigarette doesn’t make a habit. And your lungs? Meh, your lungs are doing great and all your medicine has kept your disease at bay for now you breath fine, what could hurt to have just one.
Well yeah, except one thing. When I smell smoke, it makes me gag. It is horrible smell. I hate when people smoke around me. Including the Vaping, the chemicals in the steam, I can smell. I know, I know, “it can’t hurt you” so say the vaping protests, “it is just water vapor.” Not true it is vapor that has chemicals in it and has gone into your lungs and out. Then we all get to share your lung stuff, mucous and chemicals bleck. No thank you. It truly gags me.
As for the no smoking, thing one of the things I talked about was I did not care if I got fat. Turns out that it is not true. I do care. The problem is that I got fat. No just from smoking but rom the prednisone, I had to take to breath. It was one of those things that if I moved around too much I got super tired right away and lost my breath even quicker so I laid around on the couch waiting on the prednisone to work. The problem was that the prednisone made me hungry. Very hungry and the quitting the smoking habit I turn to food as a relief for a bit. So as you can see, eating for stress relief and eating because prednisone made me ravenous and no possible way to get any good calorie burning. Yep you guessed I gain weight. I am now trying to get rid of that weight so it turns out I do care. A lot. Having been a skinny person all my life I am now a big girl. I don’t even know what clothes to buy. That looks good on me. I will say I feel for the naturally big girls. Man people judge A LOT about fat people. Got to say I have heard some of it. . And my weight is because of trying to get healthy HA.
Any I am glad I quit smoking. I am still not on supplemental oxygen .Yay me. I always laugh at myself. I say I am not on oxygen and the nerd side of me then says “then what yam breathing?” Have to remember to say supplemental oxygen so as not to get hear teasing to me by me. So not being on Supplemental oxygen is a good thing. I still was getting very sick though. I caught everything that everyone had. SO if someone had the last vestiges of a cold I got it with vengeance. If someone had a little bacterial thing going on, Oh hey I will have6 of those. Always felt like crap. Always. It was hard to maintain a good attitude.
Then one day my genius pulmonologist tried a new therapy on me. It is a therapy that was originally used for people with cancers or HIV. Should have seen the Pharmacist try to tell me what it was for. Big eyes and no words came of her. Lol. I told her what is for. It is low dose antibiotics twice a day for forever. The fancy word is immunomodulation. Most folks like cancer patients are on them for short terms. As in not forever. People with immune disease, which my lung disease is now classified as such, are susceptible to other folk’s germs. The modulation keeps us form getting all the bacterial things. Still can pick up virus but in my case I only had a little cold. (So far) It lasted the text book 7 days. That had never happened to me before.
SO with my new drug regime, the inhalers, and not smoking, I am doing super good. I am trying to lose the weight because I hate it not because I have to. It would help but none of my doctors is overly worried about. I don’t know if that is because my life expectancy is so low or because there are other fish to fry. I am active to a point. I walk every day. I do gardening as in moderate to heavy moving weeds and dirt around. Emotionally and mentally, who knows, I am probably a wreck by most standards. I am however, happy most of them time. I have my moments like others do. I get tired easily still and need naps and long sleeps at night. More than most people but it is ok.
Not smoking, going through the whole quitting, whether I did it right or not. Was the best thing I ever did. It is just sad I had to wait to get a terminal illness but hey, it is what it is. It was hard to quit, I mean HARD and I was a nutball but I did it. I guess instead of deciding I only had so much time to live might as well do the things I enjoy, I made the decision that I was going to quit, that I was going to fight and that I was going to extend my life and have fun for as long as I could.
And that is how I am doing.

So I have a question…Would you like me to update every week, month or never? Please let me know.

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