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Jigsaw Puzzles in the Morning

Puzzles with Breakfast

Every morning I sit down with my breakfast and do an online jigsaw puzzle or two. I used to do a crossword puzzle printed in the morning paper until realized I was paying the price for delivered paper and the only thing I did was the crossword puzzle. I didn’t even read the news most of the time. Reading all the negative things going on in the world every morning is not a very positive way to start your morning. Newspaper subscription – Canceled

I download crossword puzzles, cryptogram puzzles, and jigsaw puzzles to my tablet. It turns out that I prefer to do crossword and cryptograms to relax in the evening and the jigsaw puzzles in the morning. They allow me to make a pretty picture and start my morning with some nice things. Coffee Yogurt and puzzles make for a good morning

This morning I opened my tablet and went about selecting the puzzle I would do. I choose one that looked like it might be hard. The puzzle had shades of blue and green and not a lot of focus items, like a house or animals. I do that a lot I like to get the hard ones out of the way and enjoy the ones I am a little excited about and that look easier. So I choose the hard one. Except it wasn’t hard it was easy. Took me less than 10 minutes to do. The next one I did was the one I thought looked easy and nice. There were mountains, a meadow, a cute little thatched house and it took forever.

Happens to me a lot. The ones I think are going to be harder or usually easier and the ones I think will be easy are the harder puzzles. It tells me that perhaps I really don’t know what is going to be hard and what is going to be easy. That my perception of those two things is off. I need to change my idea of hard and easy. Perhaps I need to say I do the boring ones first and the exciting ones last.

I am going to blame my upbringing for the need to get the boring, hard things out of the way and then go play. We couldn’t watch tv on Saturday morning until our chores were done. Can’t have dessert until you eat your dinner. Need to do our homework before we can go outside and play. I was conditioned to get the work done first, with what I wanted to do as a reward. Get to blame the parents.

It is a good thing, actually. I find that many people do not have the same work ethic I do. Yes, I can get into that whole “Kids these Days ” idea, but truly it isn’t unusual or a new thing. Many people were just not taught to pay the piper before they can dance to the music. Not their fault, they just don’t have the mindset. They would do the fun easy puzzle first.

Back to puzzles. Tomorrow I decided I would try to do the easy puzzle first since they seem to be the harder ones. I l let you know how it goes. I am curious though how many of you do what I do, get the work out of the way, and then play. Do the hard thing first, then the easy. I am really curious how many of you have a defective perception of easy and hard like I do.

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