If I Had A Hammer And Maybe A Screwdriver

A while back,I received an envelope from one of those clearing house sweepstakes. You know the kind, they advertise you can win millions of dollars if you fill out the sweepstakes, find and paste special stickers, and oh hey, while you’re at it check out these magazines and these super duper products. I am sure you know what I mean. Well I pretty much fill them all out, except for the ones that have expired, and since I am looking for the special stickers that will let me win a Cadillac and my own personal island, I look at the products as well.
Sometimes you find cool stuff that one absolutely does not need. Many of the products are stuff that you would never think of until you see them . Then you go “Oh hey! That’s a neat idea!” Much like the lid strainers I got. Lived for a long time without them, but by golly how handy are they when it comes to straining the water out of the tuna can or the can of peas! Just put that sucker on top of the can like a lid and turn it upside down and all the liquid drains!
One of the products I got recently, however, not only falls in the realm of possibly necessary but crosses over into the kingdom of coolness and teetering on the edge of useful, is a hammer.
It is of course not just a hammer, I mean really, who would write a blog post about just a hammer? Not me, anyway. This hammer has screwdrivers in it, and I am not talking about just shoved in the base. Have you ever seen  the Russian dolls, the ones that nest inside of each other. They are actually called Matryoshka dolls ( no, sorry they are NOT Babushka (grandmother) dolls). This hammer is much like that, except it is tools and not dolls…..and brass, not wooden.
I am fascinated by it and well also tell you that yes, I have used it. I have used the hammer and I have used the teeny tiny Phillips head screwdriver to try to tighten the tiny screw in  my cheap reading glasses. (On side note, when I was a kid I called Phillips head screws Star Screws, cause well you know..).
So I now present to you my awesome, magic, brass plated hammer and screwdriver set:










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