A day in the life

I Have Nothing to Write About

I woke up this morning with a headache. I also woke up thinking damn I have to figure out what to write in blog this morning.  That is a bit unusual as I typically have 6 or 7 things floating around in my brain and dozen more ideas in notes. Today I drew a blank. Nothing, and I mean nothing inspires me.
I told a friend. He suggested I do a piece on preparing for colder weather. My first response was I live in California, what do I know of cold weather? He retorted with a list of stuff one should do to prepare for winter. Things like, change your batteries in your smoke alarms and  carbon monoxide sensors.

Don’t have a carbon Monoxide sensor? Get one.  He mentioned changing the filters in your heaters. (May I suggest that you skip the cheap ones and go ahead and get the more expensive hepa filters? The true hepa? Think about it, it is helpful for those who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems. Just a thought.)He went on. Covering your pool, etc.  He then basically accused me of not being able to do research. At that point I popped off with the fact that I was not an complete idiot. I am only a half idiot. Besides I really do not want to write about preparing for cooler weather..it is BORING. And yes I am being mean, he was helping me. I am caffeine deprived, that is my defense.

I then thought perhaps this is one of those days with something crazy to celebrate.  There is something every day of the year, if not several somethings, to celebrate. Things like National Popcorn Day,  Fritter Day, National Donut Day, things like that. Now granted many of those days are not always days that are “official”.  Congress has not recognized them as such, but it truly does not matter as they are a reason to have fun. So I go looking. And I am completely uninspired. Today is National Chocolate Milk Day, a day the lactose intolerant isn’t overly excited about.  It is also National Video Game Day. That has promise, but you know what, my friend was partially right. I do know how to research, I just do not want to. So no National Video Game Day post. I even looked to see if there was any from around the world and not really.  September is a slow month for holidays and reasons to celebrate.


So how about something from my This Day in History files. Boring. Today, in 1953  John F. Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier. I could talk about US Congress receiving the news about our defeat in Brandywine in 1777.The one-day battle lasted one day and more than more than 1,100 Americans were killed or captured. Even worse? The Americans had to abandon most of their cannon after the horses that pulled the artillery were shot during the battle. it is an interesting note in American history but I really do not want to write  about it today. 


How about a little scandal?  In 1846, Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning eloped . Elizabeth fell in love with Robert after meeting him at his request. She had defended his Dramatic Lyrics that was not well received. he, of course, was flattered that a well known poet such as her self would defend his poems. Elizabeth’s father did not like Robert and considered him a gold digger, so the courtship was a secret. On this day, while family was away, Elizabeth snuck out and married Robert at St Marylebone Parish Church. She kept the wedding secret for a week, the took of to Italy with ole Robert. She never saw her father again and the Brownings lived happily ever after. So kinda of a cool story, but I do not want to write about it.

So anyway, since I am not inspired and have no idea what to write today, I shall quit searching. It hurts my brain. Perhaps tomorrow you will get a better post.