A day in the life

Furry Friday

Just a quick one today for Furry Friday. Sorry. There will a better one next week. This week I wanted to share two questions I asked in my survey. One was “What was the worst thing about being a Furry?”and of course, the second question was “What was the best thing about being a Furry?” The following are their answers.

Vesper says:

“all the anti sites honestly… i hate having to come across sites dedicated to informing people of the “EVILS OF FURRIES”… OH WAIT one other thing, the lack of regulation. dont get me wrong im a firm believer in live and let live, but people dont take us seriously because we dont regulate our own crowd. though i suppose i wouldn’t really want it another way.”

“its always helpful to have common ground with other people, sometimes just belonging to a group is nice. but i do like the artwork and creativity as well.”

Shuga says:

“everyone thinking ur into bestiality, or that somehow ur dangerous to kids v.v i love kids!”

“the community!”

Faunoiphilia says:

“For this, I would have to say the escapism.  I like my furry life too much.  As a result, it tends to bleed over into real life and I end up wasting time making-up fantasies and adventures for me to live-out.  I wish it were real, but alas, it cannot be….”

“I would say the porn, but I also enjoy the people of the fandom.  There are some that are way out there (I might fit in this category, lol) but I like checking my messages everyday and seeing what someone’s said or just hearing about their day.  I would say the best thing is the connection with other people and the friendships that form.”

WolfyLion Says:

“People not understand what furrys are and thinking we yiff animals all day in our fantasys.

Also, the furry drama. Every group has drama furry are not except from this.”

“I love the community. The people are great caring accepting (in general there is always expections). And the fact I get to wag my tail when you dont even have one!”

(authors note: Yiff is a Furry slang term that started as a happy greeting such as between foxes, the sound they make, and is now mostly commonly indicative of sexual activities. It comes with a set of sexualeuphemisms, many of which are the same slang terms used in human sex, i.e. I’m yiffing (I’m horny), I would Yiff her all day long,I dont care I’d yiff it.I pawed off to some Yiff this mornin (I masturbated to porn), You get the general idea. Can also be used in non sexual terms, How are you this morning. Yifftastic!( fucking great). It is a pretty broad term used in many different conceptual ways.)

Definition of the term Yiff comes from Wikifur and a furry friend.