Food, Steroids and Lung Disease


FoodWell I made a video. It is mostly just some thoughts on food and how it affects me as someone with lung disease.  I did a few things a little differently. I pulled the hair back (just for a friend of mine who requested) and I got brave. I filmed myself in the middle of a flair up. Enjoy the video and transcript follows…( I loosely followed the transcript) Feel free to give me your thoughts….



 On Monday I ended up in the ER with shortness of breath. The fixed me up and sent me home with some steroids. Well, they, the steroids make me puffy and red, but they also make me hungry. I am talking like starving, craving food. So I have been thinking about food a lot.

I actually think we all think about food a lot. We are either thinking about what we are going to eat, if we have something to eat, are what we are eating good for us, and is it bad for us. Yep we obsess with food. I think every night on TV or on the internet or on the radio there are commercials about diets, super foods, GMOs, organics, recalls, food newly discovered to fix something or cause something, vitamins supplements…you get the idea.

About a year after I was diagnosed with lung disease and having gained a lot weight because of drugs, inactivity (hard to move around when you can’t breathe.  One of the things the doc sent me to was a nutritionist. I thought it was for weight loss. Nope it was to learn how to eat what they call an anti-inflammatory diet. I won’t go into the whole thing but much of it was around fresh foods, meals made with fresh ingredients and avoiding processed foods and red meats.

In that quest to comply…mostly because I do feel better…I have been learning how to actually cook. Not opening cans or boxes and using fresh ingredients. I also have been learning a lot about all the other stuff….I swear if I listened to everyone who gave me advice I would not eat.  Such as GMOs. Bad right? Maybe…maybe some of them but not all. Originally they started playing with food genetically in order to create plants that were disease resistant or bug resistant. In America we don’t have as much problems as other places in the world. Some places like a corn that can grow in arid conditions, or crops that resist locusts. That being said…I try to avoid because I can and I have that option. It is just a little creepy to me.

Another thing is organic foods.  I did fall into the trap of buying stuff that said organic without really knowing what I was buying. Until I learned to look for the Organic seal.  Even so, to truly have organic foods, grow it yourself. That way you can control the seed (heirlooms) the soil, the water, the conditions the processing, as much as possible. As a friend says want organic apples come get his but cut them open before you eat them. Most of them have worms.

Lastly supplements. They idea that we do not eat all our needs from the foods we eat and therefore we need to take vitamins. Maybe.  It depends on who you talk to.  I have had people say that the ancients used them just fine. Yep but 30 was old age. Others tell me that drug companies are putting ingredients into the meds that are bad for us, or even making us into zombies. That we are over medicated. Probably. I agree that people take medicine to quickly for every little ill. That however does not mean every medicine you take I s unnecessary or going to mess you up for life. I hate when people tell me that if I take this supplement or that thing then I could no longer take me meds. Well folks, I earned my emphysema by smoking. I fond of breathing and I really hate when my lungs collapse. The medicines I am taking help me breath and the current combination has reduced my flare-ups by 80%. I still catch all of your germs when you cough and sneeze without using your elbows or washing your hands afterwards but it doesn’t take me down for 3 weeks.  With that being said, I am willing to try most things in conjunction with my meds but I will not quit my meds to take your things you swear work. 
I am not being mean….I am just throwing my thoughts out there. Some of you are going to tell me how wrong I am that’s ok….SO far, what I am doing, taking my meds, taking some supplements with ok from doc, eating as natural and fresh as I can, exercising, reducing my stress levels all seem to be working. My disease is terminal…but I can keep it in remission as much as possible and add years to my life…


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