Flash Mob Orchestra

When I was young,  emphasis on music and art education was just becoming something important to teach the kids. So every kids regardless of age had to take a music class of some sort. The older kids had to do band or chorus us younger kids, well we got the music and art appreciation in class. In my case , the teacher would give us a paper, some crayons, throw on a classical music record. We were supposed to ge t inspired by the music and draw that there inspiration. Mine was always horses because I was horse crazy in those days.  The boys always drew soldiers and tanks and warfare. In their defense, we were on a military base and all of us had our dads and some moms in the military.

So there we were getting inspired. I already listened to classical music at home.  My mom had very eclectic taste in music.  I listened to every from classical to country, from opera to pop. I already had a love of classical music and usually could tell the teacher what she had put on, not only the title, the composer but the orchestra.   Music appreciation might have been eye opener for other kids but not forme,

Having been instilled with a love of music I grew up retaining it. I now have been known to get lost in YouTube land listening to classical of all types. I adore Boston Pops, Two Cellos, Royal Philharmonic and now Flash Mob Orchestra. Flash Mob Orchestra is pretty cool. The idea is  you take one talented conductor, then put out an open call to musicians of all types to join you in playing classical pieces, in this case, Wagner , Bizet and Verdi pieces.

A total of 950 amateurs showed up with 50 professionals One would think that the amount of amateurs playing these pieces would make it sound a bit off, and while I can still hear a note or two that is off here and there, it is a wonderful piece of art. Can you imagine the little ones who are learning , what inspiration they get. Perhaps dreaming of growing up and being first chair or a virtuoso.



Please enjoy the video that I got from http://www.thelocal.de/20160517/1000-strong-flashmob-orchestra-occupies-berlin-mall