A day in the life


The Month of Love

The very first thing that comes to mind when I think of February is Valentine’s Day. As a kid, I loved Valentine’s day. I really liked handing out the cards and, of course, receiving some back. The downside was having to write your name on 30 cards ugh. Yet, it was an exciting time in our classrooms. So many things to make and, of course, the party to go along with it. It truly felt like an extension of the holidays. One more party before we had to get back to the business of classroom work.

As an adult, the take on valentines day truly depends on your relationship status. It is different than when you were a kid (but only slightly) There is a weirdness about having to find a gift for your lover, buying flowers and chocolate, perhaps jewelry to show your love. The stores love it. If you are single? Rather than focusing on the cost savings of not purchasing Valentine’s Day stuff, my social media is filled with people bemoaning their single status and how unfair valentines day is. Everyone wants love! If you have been married for a long time like myself, perhaps there is no longer the pressure of the gifts, you now do so because you want to not because it is expected. Please don’t let my Honey know this. He thinks I expect it and I get flowers out of the deal.)

However, you celebrate (or don’t) February is more than Valentine’s Day. It is the beginning of the end of winter and while the weather may still be fierce, there is that expectation that soon there will be sunnier days and the cold will slowly start to retreat. Soon the snow and ice will melt and the flowers will start to peek their heads out of the ground and color will return to the landscape. Until then, bundle up. Its still cold.

Fun February Facts

  1. February is named after an ancient Roman festival of purification called Februa.

2. The Romans felt the winter was month-less, so February along with January were the last months to be added to the calendar.

3. This is the only month with fewer than 30 days and the only month that gets a day added every four years. (leap year)

4. On average February is the USA’s snowiest month.

5. This year February will have a full moon called the Snow Moon.

6. Despite this year’s Snow Moon, February is the only month where it’s possible to go the entire time without having a full moon.

7. Violets and Primroses are the symbolic flowers of February. Not the Rose!

8. February is a great time to start planning your garden

9. February’s birthstone is the Amethyst.

10. There are 58 million pounds of chocolate are purchased the week leading up to Valentine’s day!