Fairy Garden

Fairy garden

I have been seeing a Fairy gardenlot of kits and do-it-yourself projects, I sure you have as well, to make little fairy gardens or,  I have seen them called gnome gardens. Well, personally, I think they are adorable but overpriced. I  just saw one that came with a swing, a watering can and I think a bench for $20. That did not include the planter, the plans, any rocks that you would use decoratively. Infact, I figured that even with the do-it-yourself plans, if I followed directions I was looking at spending at least $50. I decided that was too expensive. I will make my own with things I have laying around the house and garden.Fairy garden

 So I will be chronicling my adventures in creating a fairy garden at minimal cost. Now that I have said that, I will say that I have spent exactly 6 dollars. I bought 2 6-packs of flowers that were full price (I should have waited for a sale) and two flowerpots about a dollar. The rest of the materials I have had here.        Fairy garden

To start with you will need a pot. I had a big wide one here. To prep it,  I rinsed it out, and then poured boiling water over it. That helps sanitize it. I then added the soil and really soaked it. I originally had planned to use both pots but ended up using one. It just turns out one looks better. Fairy garden

To have some control of the plants I left them in their little plastic things. I cut them apart and cut out the bottom so the roots could grow. I then planted the little boxes. I had no pre-planning Fairy gardenon what kinds of flowers I just picked two I liked.  I added decorative rock which I had in the garden. I then added some little fish gravel that I had left over from when I had won goldfish at the fair. I had two goldfish and they lived like two weeks. I put that down like a little river. Very cute.

Fairy garden

This is what I have done so far and stay tuned for more.