Emphysema Update 2

Time for an Emphysema Update.

This last week has been a bear. My hubby had to have some cataracts removed and went into the surgery last  Tuesday.  Then we had to go back for the Post-Op at the crack of dawn the next day,I have been playing nurse for him until yesterday .  I saw a cartoon that said women who have been through labor with no pain medications know what it is like to be  man with a cold. This is a truth.   I also went to see my new Pulmonologist. I was very pleased with that visit.  Had some great news about my Emphysema from that guy. They kind that makes a girl cry, right after putting the antibiotics in my hubby’s eye.

Emphysema updaye

Pulmonary Function Test Machine.

The good news is that my lungs are almost normal according to lung function tests. ( Hate that machine, makes me claustrophobic) If it wasn’t for my CT Scan they would have a hard time diagnosing my heavy breathing.  At this stage, with my weight gain, they would have said it was weight and being out of shape.  The results of such great news, is we are trying to get off some of the meds. The first to go was the Dulera.  While it is a great medicine and helps many with emphysema and other lung diseases,  it has a lot of side effects. It affects your heart, your circulations, low potassium levels, anxiety, diabetes, changes in location of body fat, blurry vision thrust , just to name a few.  I think I had almost ALL of the less serious side effects. I mean less serious to whom? I had the sore throat, hoarseness and deepened voice, dizziness, muscle cramps, insomnia and anxiety. Good thing they were not serious eh?

emphysemia update


The second drug I am off of is the low dose antibiotic, the one for the immune support. When you take a lot of steroids as I have, a lazy immune system can be the result. I literally caught everybody’s colds, flu etc.  Any minor bug? It turns major for me. I was, and still am, a major advocate of handwashing. While hand sanitizers are nice they are not 100% effective. Wash your hands please if you can, if you can’t then go ahead and use second best hand sanitizers. Your little queasy tummy turns into to full blown five day illness for me.  Anyway I digress. Out with the antibiotic; in with my own immune system. Lots of Vitamin C and D are in my world now.

emphysema update

Hand Sanitizers kill 99.9% of germs.

I do love this doctor. He said to me that I am in charge of my meds, not the docs. That is good to know. Not that I didn’t know it, but sometimes, when you are on a long term drug, one forgets. It is also a little scary. What if we come off the drug and  I have an emergency breathing problem. I still do have emphysema. What if? Dr. Millar says  “then you go back on it.”  Simple enough eh? I was actually worried about, oh you know, side effects. And I do have some withdrawals. It is just as bad as taking them . Ok no, not really. Trust me, my heart and my body is rejoicing just as soon as we are done with the lingering side effects. While it only takes 24-48 hours for the drug to be gone out of the system (provided the liver is working well) the effects last for a while. I cannot get a definite time frame because “everyone is different”. I think it is because most folks don’t come off of them until dead. Just my theory.

And one last thing:

My honey is not a horrible patient. He is actually quite easy to take care.