I love dominoes. The look, the feel of the tiles. I played with them extensively as a kid. Yes. They made great building material for furniture for my Barbi or fencing material to keep my little plastic animals enclosed. I have played with them properly, the actual game, but that wasn’t until I grew up and honestly, the game is that engrossing for me.

Dominoes are first mentioned in China, the Song Dynasty as matter of fact. Italian missionaries  brought the game to Italy in the 18th century and from there they went around the world. I always thought they were originally made of bone or marble but it turns out that originally they were made of just about every material there is including wood. Who knew?

While I am no longer building things for Barbi, she has enough stuff, I am still loving them These days, however, I like to watch them get set  up and then knocked down. If fascinates me that people would spend all that time, energy and creativity for a few seconds of reward. I am not that patient for sure. I do enjoy other peoples patience though and I hope you do to.