I really needed to go for a walk. The current events from virus to riots to the entire world narrative was stressing me out. Big time. I was to the point of thinking perhaps I needed to call the doctor and tell her I needed something for this anxiety. Even that stresses me out. I in no way want to take meds or be labeled as anxiety-ridden. I remember when I was first diagnosed with lung disease, I wasn’t getting better. I went to the doctor for the umpteenth time, and she asked if I was anxious. The question took me aback. It seems that sometimes anxiety can be bigger than normal when you have breathing problems. Turns out that I just needed low dose long term antibiotics. Better now. Except I really do have anxiety. And I don’t want to take meds. So I went for a walk.

For some reason stepping outside, no matter the weather, and going for a walk tends to clear my head. It is a form of meditation. I have a hard time sitting in one spot, so a walking meditation does the trick. I walk and I concentrate on the sights, sounds, feels, and smells. I have to tell ya, it works every time. I get so wrapped up in the moment of the walk, that particular spot I am walking in at that very moment, that whatever is gnawing at me and putting me at an uneasy state is forgotten.

Today the mediation including the birds. Oh my, how glorious their triumphant morning greetings to the world. Their song drowned out all others at times. From the melodies of the songbirds to the sharp notes of the Jays, it was loudly peaceful. I even had a small flock of the tiny birds (Sparrows? Wrens?) follow me for a while, hopping from wrought iron arrow tipped fence post to a tree and back to the black fence. It was as if God himself, sent the birds to ease my mind and delight me on my path.

The bunnies were on the golf course, out in force. Many here, where I live, worry about the geese destroying the green grass of the course, but the bunnies were going at it. Some of them were the long radar eared wired for flight, long-legged, Jack Rabbits, taking nibbles then sitting straight up, scanning for sounds that might spell trouble. The other bunnies where the cuter bunnies with fluffy tails. The cottontails were out in force, munching the tender grasses. Their ears and legs much smaller, but it did not stop them from bounding away when a golf cart veered too close. On the other side of the street was the bunny spa. Under a copse of trees in what would be the “rough” was Cottontails taking it easy. Stretched out under the trees, lounging, looking for all the world like youngsters in the summertime waiting for a pretty thing to come by and give them a reason to sit up.

And there was this, a Froggie with dead flower offerings, surrounded by living flowers :

As you can see from the photos there were many flowers on my walk today. I am always amazed that no matter how many times I walk the same path, there is always a different flower to see. It is as if I am being rewarded for taking care of my mind and heart.