flowers in a Mewadow

flowers in a MewadowLast month I took a trip to Arizona. Other then driving through a small part of it on the way to Utah and spending a weekend in Pheonix, I have never been there.  When I went to Phoenix on that business trip, years ago,  in August, I got out of the rental car and step into Hades. I decided not to go to Arizona That was a mistake. Lucky for me, with my lung disease I have a bucket list which included seeing the Grand Canyon.  So off to Arizona the Honey and I went.

We actually went via Las Vegas, Nevada and Needles, Ca. Yes I know. Many of you would understand going to Vegas but Needles? Needles is  not really one of the hot vacation spot in the US. It does have the Colorado river going through it but yea the average temperature in Needles seems to be around 110 most of the time. It is a hot desert climate. But we have friends there, as in Vegas there is family, so we stopped through both to give hugs and love. I mean a vacation where you are o close by seems silly not to go see folks.
So after all that off to Arizona we went. Had so much fun in Arizona and absolutely feel in love with the state. We traveled to Cottonwood, through Sedona and to Willaims to see the Grand Canyon. The biggest thing I have to say , the first impression that Arizona gave me was the flowers. Ralph Waldo Emerson in his poem Hamatreya writes  that “The earth laughs in flowers”, if so then Arizona is hysterical.  Here are a few of the flowers I saw growing everywhere.






Pretty Purple Flower On Side Of Road

more daisy

Yellow Daisy lots of these


Flower on a tree near Grand Canyon East Rim


White Daisy on Top of Box Canyon


White and Yellow Daisy

ye same thing

Meadow full of flowers

flowers of red

Red Flowers