5K and How I Got There


5KI just finished my first 5k. Yes I finished it. I did indeed and I am very proud of myself for doing so. It is funny when I write that it does not convey the actual feelings I had, I crossed the finish line and I cried. Not because it was over but because I finally did it.

I was diagnosed with emphysema couple of years ago. I first I was not worried about it. I mean I just had to quit smoking and I had been sick, lingering sick, so once I got the drugs I felt great.  I was worried about my diagnosis but because I was quite ignorant about what the disease really was I did not lose much sleep I spent my first year trying like hell to quit smoking.

Oh yeah, quit smoking after smoking since I was 11 years old. It was an old friend, always there for me, in good times and bad. Better friend then anyone I have ever known. I had to breakup.  It was killing me faster then I wanted to go.  But I did I indeed quit. I did it all wrong and against all the “rules” but I quit.
For the first year I shrugged away my coughs and sicknesses as part of quit smoking. The second year I had no such luxury.  Oh I was sick a lot. Missed a lot of work. Missed a lot of things I wanted to do, including this 5K. And when I say sick I mean sick. The kind where you just lay there because walking to the restroom was major work. I had a lot of steroids on board and I gained a lot of weight. Honestly, feeling sick and being out of shape got me depressed. I figured that that was it for me. That was my life, fat, bloated, sick and dying.

Feeling terrible I did not share much of what was going on side me. I had reached out to family but received very little support, got more of a yea right whatever vibe so I didn’t share. My poor husband. He has no idea how I am feeling but he is a saint, He has put up with me when the steroid make me crazy.  It is in my nature to not want to worry anyone so I don’t share much. Until I went to pulmonary therapy.

OH therapy was a life saver for me. I finally got to hang out with people just like me, even though  I am very young. One of my problems is genetic and it helps manifest the other disease early). So I got to talk to them about what they are going through. Some were worse and some were better than me. I learned how to eat, breath, take care of myself. What I can expect form my disease and more importantly, answered my questions about what was going on with me.  They are also the only group I did not hear “But you don’t LOOK sick”. I guess if you look fine you are fine.

So through all that I decided I was going to get fit and not let breathing hold me back. I have modified that a bit. Breathing does indeed dictate what I do and don’t do. I originally wanted to RUN this 5k. I walked it. It took me 1 hour and 19 minutes. I am thrilled to do so. It was hard, those hills in the course were incredibly difficult, but I did it. I cried at the finish line. 3years I wanted to do this. I finally did it…I cried.  I am damn proud of myself.  

Next….I do a 5k in under an hour…..

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