Worst Jobs Than Mine

I have been working a lot lately and starting to feel like my job sucked. Then I remembered that old adage that there is always something worse than what you got and the grass is not always greener on the other side of a fence. Or some such thing. Either way I am glad I don’t have the following jobs. These jobs are definitely worse than my job (and probably yours).


I know the thought of being a lumberjack is very desirable. There you are dressed in jeans and a plaid shirt with suspenders. A hat and some power tools. They even got songs about lumberjacks, those  rugged men of men.  Who  wouldn’t want to be a lumber jack? Um me and if you are smart, you. Lumberjacks by virtue of their work have to work outside, in all kinds of weather. From sunny and hot to freezing in the sun. There are dangers inherent in working in the untamed wilderness. Besides animals that are not happy with you tearing down their homes, there are falling branches and trees to contend with.  The average pay is only 32,000 a year and lets don’t forget to mention they have the highest job related deaths of any job in America.

Photo Credit: Davis Turner Getty Image

Photo Credit: Davis Turner Getty Image

Mail Carriers

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

Well doesn’t that sound like a great job? Like the Lumberjack, the postal worker or mail carrier gets to work in all sorts of weather. They get to carry heavy sacks full of junk mail no one wants (or bills that no one wants). They get to walk into neighborhoods they normally would not go to. The best thing is that the job is on the downward spiral. Physical mail is slowly but surely going the way of the Dodo. Let’s face it. What is the last thing you recieved in the mail that you wanted (and that you did not order.)? Yeah, thought so. I have not recieved an actual letter in ages, because, you know, emails.  They get paid well for all those potential dog bites, with the median pay around $51,790 a year. Not bad for lugging around 35 pounds of junk mail.


 Photo Credit: NYC_photo_blog_nat_ma george bush taxi driver

Photo Credit: NYC_photo_blog_nat_ma george bush taxi driver

Taxi Driver

Talk about a job that sucks. You get to drive all day in traffic with rude passengers treating you like you were lower than a cockroach and do it for 11 to 12 hours a day.  Throw in the newer ride shares , like Uber and and Lyft, and it gets even harder to get a fair. Besides after work. you have to clean out the car where people have used as a personal trashcan, wash the outside and pay for gas. Then crawl into bed after 12, 13 hours  only to get up to do it again.  All for 11 bucks an hour. That is what they make on average, 11 bucks an hour. Yuck, I could not think of sitting in traffic all day all for such little pay. Oh wait…nevermind.  Average commute is 60 minutes…


Photo Credit: Amazon. com Zemmy’s

Corrections Officer

Well, if you want to talk about tough customers, one would think that those who are incarcerated would fit the bill. The Correction Officer has a horrible job. He/she must stay aware and awake for the full shift, be able to implement safety and emergency procedures and protocol in a mmoment’s notce. They get to deal with folks who do not want to be there, pretty much blame you for their paltry lives and would happily kill you. . Talk about stress. Overtime is usually a mandatory thing as there is a shortage in both correction officers and money to pay for more.  With all that stress and danger, the Corrections Officer only  makes  an average salary of $38,970.


Photo Credit: unknown

Enlisted Military Personnel

Well it is pretty  much a no brainer. Although one may get their meals and health care, it is not a job for everyone. The American Soldier faces high danger, stress, long hours and now cuts in troop strengths.  CareerCast.com editor Tony Lee says “It’s no longer as secure a career choice. In the past, even if you were a marginal performer, you could still re-enlist. But now, in many cases, you may not be able to re-enlist if you want to.”  Yea, I know you can see the world, get training, become a doctor and all the other fancy  rhetoric. Just got to live long enough to enjoy all and that  average pay of $40,000.

Photo credit: Forbes

Photo credit: Forbes

Newspaper Reporter

What’s a newspaper? All kidding aside, the decline the in the printed newspaper has reduced the number of reporting jobs.  One has to deal with deadlines, stiff competition and probably no raises.  Shrinking advertsising, online reporting is taking out the print journalists jobs.   The average salary is 40, 00o and while that doesnt sound so bad,  but the salaries have been shrinking in the last 10 years. Like I said , What’s a newspaper?







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