A day in the life


At the end of October 2022, I went back to work. Life had changed a bit after the Covid lock-downs. Husbands work situation changed and, quite honestly, I was starved for people contact. I had tried to have a little party. Invited like 20 people and 4 showed up. Where I live, many were still very freaked out about getting sick and dying. The media did a good job at that and social interaction was at a bare minimum. So I got a job.

It was to be a part time job. I couple days a week thing. Turned into many days a week and much longer hours then I thought. My little town didn’t have a lot of work available so I had to go to the big city, 30 minutes away. Of course it was always 45 minutes or so to get to work. That was an hour or more every time I went to work and came home. An 8 hour day turned into 9 plus. It was a lot.

Before you think I am whining I am not. I loved the job. I worked for a brand name lingerie boutique. I loved the customers. I enjoyed getting them sized and happy. I loved talking to them. So many women with so many different jobs. I met a fire inspector, several police officers, a shepherd, a chef, a lobbyist, the list goes on. Women who were new moms, old moms, grand moms, and single. So many women and for the most part, I enjoyed everyone of them.

The sad part is that retail employee life has changed since I was in the game. I take my jobs seriously. Always have. If the boss tells me abc, then I will abc to the very best of my ability. I am old school and feel that my personal feelings and work are two different things. I may not always like everything I am told or expected to do or everyone I work with. So what. In my opinion I got paid to get along. BUT Covid made everyone have lots of feelings. It turns out that you are supposed to be more concerned with others employees feelings than the job. Or as I was told its not what you say its how you say it.

I got a talking too (one of many) because I told an employee that they were breaking a rule. They were upset at me for being mean and told the boss. I get an hour long discussion for actually doing my job because my tone wasn’t right. Sigh. Feelings are most important. I actually thought I was being silly in the way I approached the issue, but I guess my tone didn’t come off the way. I wish it was what I said that mattered.

The whole incident was okay though, I got mad at being told that I was responsible for another persons feelings. I spent too much time learning to take responsibility for my own emotions to take on others as well. As I got mad, I decided to maybe search for a job closer to my house. I mean if I am to get into trouble I might as well have less time to think about it on the way home. I opened the paper and found my dream job.

I will be working at a marina on the river. It is three days a week, set schedule (no more nights and holiday hours or even being asked to work at another store) It is in my home town. Most importantly it is on the river. I love this river. It calms my soul and makes me happy. I can wait to start after Easter!