Words Have Power, They Are Magic Pt 4

Eventually, the army declared me all healed up. They also declared me not worthy of the Army so I was set loose. I could have gone anywhere but I was in Hawaii. Where would you go? I stayed. My first stop was a clothing store. I had seen on TV where not too many people were treating us soldiers right. Seems there were many people who did not like the Vietnam War and took it out on anyone in uniform. Screaming obscenities at them, yelling slogans and waving signs. I wasn’t angry with the protestors. I was sad. They had no idea, they did not know. Those young people, and most of them were young, dressed in fringe and feathers and flowers, they did not know the power of their words. They did not know that while they beat down those soldiers, those good men who saw horrors, that while it looks like they were making their point, they did not know that words are powerful, they are magic. What they yelled and said, would of course, hurt them as well.
Anyway, I decided it was better not to wear my uniform around. Into JC Penny’s I went. I grabbed the first pair of jeans I could find and one of those ultimate flowery Hawaiian button-up shirts. I tried them on, the fit, so I left them on. I reached down, tore off the patches on my uniform and medals and walked out leaving it behind on the little bench. Tearing off the price tags, I went up and paid for my purchases, and walked out the door, into a new life.
Wasn’t really a super good start to a new life. I had no idea what to do. Where to go? It felt strange to have the freedom to do what I wanted when I wanted. I wandered to Waikiki. It was beautiful. I sat down on the fine sand and watched the children being chased by waves. I watch the coconut trees wave in the trade winds. I watched the sun go down, painting the sky with brilliant palette of oranges and purples. I watched the sunrise wakening the island and beckoning the tourists back to the beach.
I think I would have still been sitting there but I got hungry. So, I got up, dusted off and wandered into Ala Mouna shopping center. Other than, some fast food and some stalls that old local fare I did not see much to eat. I needed more than dried apricot seaweed and pineapple. I wondered over to one of the hotels lining the beach.
I had decided to go ahead and get a room; I had money, so I got one of the bigger rooms, a suite on top. I couldn’t stand the thought of being in a mall room with rooms on top of me and rooms on the bottom of me. Guess my time in the prison camp had affected me more than I thought. My room was actually a small apartment. There was a bedroom living room, two bathrooms. A large balcony faced the Pacific Ocean. The view was incredibly, it looked as if the ocean went forever. Or perhaps the world was indeed flat and you would sail off the end of the earth. I had ordered room service and I sat out there to eat. I was up high enough that I could see past most of the other hotels, the one to the right of me had a pool on its roof. That was neat and I watched as several people sat around the rectangle of blue.
One of the people got up, it was a she. She had a blue bikini on, brown hair and her figure from where I was an hourglass. It was impossible to see from where I was but I knew she was beautiful, sexy even. I watched for a few more minutes before throwing my napkin on top of the remains of my meal.
That night I slept out on the balcony. I tried to lie in the bed but I could not, I was restless. So, I fell asleep on one of the lounge chairs. I dreamt of a brown haired mermaid who beckoned me to come swimming…promising me kisses, love, passionate embraces. I woke with a start, with a longing within me. The sun was just beginning to rise lighting the world with a soft glow. I looked down at the pool. I do not know what I expected to see. I was a bit early for anyone to be swimming. Yet was hoping. I was correct there was no one in the pool, but there was someone sitting on the edge of building. It was her. She was dangling her legs of the building. What was she doing? Was she? NO!
I became frantic. Not wanting to wait for the elevator, I ran down the stairs, all 20 floors of them. I flew to the next hotel and up to the roof. I opened the stair doors that led to the pool and the mermaid sitting on the edge of the roof. I walked to her. She was as in my dream. Beautiful.
“Hi” I said as I crawled up and sat next to her.
She started when I spoke; I reached out to grab her, to keep her from falling. As I touched her arm, it could feel her sadness.
I sat for a while next to her, stealing glances at her. Tear drops squeezed out of her grey eyes and ran in rivulets down her cheek. When I felt her relax a bit I turn to her.
“I love you,” I declared. Where did that come from? That is not what I meant to say. I meant to ask her why she was sad, was she thinking of dropping off the roof and off on this world. I wanted to help her, to remove her sadness, to listen to her. Despite all that, and my own shock at my words I repeated, “I love you”.
She turned her face to my. My breath was stolen at that moment. She was exquisite with large grey eyes fringed by eyelashes that brushed her perfectly formed eyebrows. Her mouth was full and luscious, immensely kissable, something I wanted to do. Why would such a beautiful girl be crying.
Her eyes widened and she said “you love me? You don’t even know me!”
I had to agree with her. I did not know her, but I felt like I did. I had known her all my life. I felt that my entire existence, my purpose was just for this moment, for her. And I did love her.
I repeated my love for her again and soon I found myself sitting next to her poolside. It seems as if she was in Hawaii for a wedding. Hers. It was to be in two days but it looked as if her fiancé had chickened out and flew home to Ohio. He was a veterinary doctor. Very successful. She thought he loved her. She finally admitted she was in love with the idea of stability. Of being married to a regular guy.
Her name was Renee and she was a new lawyer. Just starting out. What she wanted most in life was to have her own office, to help the indigent, with their legal needs. She wanted to be a wife and a mom. And Sidney, did not want children, he wanted arm candy wife. Someone who was silly. Who needed direction. Who had a small fluffy dog name Baby who wore a diamond collar. Renee had cats.
I kissed her and somehow we ended up back in my room. In the bed. I kissed every inch of her. She was delectable, I couldn’t get enough. Her sighs and her moans. The flash in her eyes as I kissed her thighs. The arch of her back as I sent her over the edge with my tongue, lapping up her essence. My name on her lips as I drove home and sent her and I into heaven.
As we sat on the balcony eating breakfast the next day, I asked her to marry me. Why not, I reasoned with her. She was to be married anyway. The church, the reception hall, the band, the guest, all was in place. All she needed was a groom. I was the man. We could marry, have a passel of kids and live happily ever after. She looked at me, pausing in her devouring of a mango. She smiled and agreed. Why not. And so we did.
It was a fun wedding. I knew not a person there. Her family was present, her friends, the other side of the aisle, the intended grooms friends and family, all were shocked as I came down the aisle. You could hear the whispers. Where was Sidney? What was going on? We said our vows, and I got to meet her friends and family at the reception. Earl’s family had disappeared some during the wedding. She had no parents alive so it was a brother, aunts, and uncles. They were shocked, her brother threatening me until he found out I was ex military, then he backed down. Her friends, however, were thrilled that Renee had finally done something spontaneous in her carefully orchestrated life.
Before the wedding, Renee had asked me to write down some promises to her. I did not want to. I tried to explain the power of words. That the spoken word had power, my words had saved her and brought her to this moment. I tried to explain I would tell her my promises, that I was afraid of writing. That writing gave the words magic, magic that never worked right. She said I was silly. That she wrote words all day long and nothing happen. I could not explain properly and it was important to her. I loved her. I loved her beyond anything so I agreed. Again, I had to think. It was important to get it correct.
Therefore, I wrote, “I love you Renee. I will always love you. I promise that you will be the only woman I will ever love. I promise that I will take care of you for all the days of your life. That you will only know love from me for as long as you breathe and beyond.” There that could not possibly go wrong.
When I handed it to her, she laughed. She gave it back and said she knew I loved her, but I needed to write some promises some wants that were practical. Like how many children I wanted. That kind of thing. Again, I tried to explain the power the magic. She kissed me and said please. So I did
“I love you Renee. I will always love you. I promise that you will be the only woman I will ever love. I promise that I will take care of you for all the days of your life. That you will only know love from me for as long as you breathe and beyond. I want as many children as you want and have many as your body can have. I promise to bring you flowers every Tuesday.”
There again what could possibly go wrong with that. Nothing right? I was wrong. I forgot. Words have power, they are magic.

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