We’re Baaaack!

Drum roll please! Cue trumpets! Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, cats and dogs, I am pleased to announce the grand re-launch of The Blog of Teresa.

After more than a month of redecorating and all that goes with it, a month of making decisions about color, design, placement, wallpaper, drapery and accessories the blog is ready for you perusal. Ok, not really. I did very little on the making of the website. I basically just nodded my head and drooled. The real mastermind behind the design is Matthew Whitaker. Not only has he done a fantabulous job of back end design, he did an awesome job on the window dressing, including making the logo (which he absolutely hates doing).

Please come on in, enjoy, take the tour (it is free) and feel free to share with others. The more the merrier.

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