Weightloss and Snacks

I have a friend who adopted an older cat. This cat is always looking for food, so they named it Snacks. I could also be called snacks as I am always looking for the same things as the cat. The difference is I am looking for healthy, low calorie, low sodium snacks and I don’t have whiskers.

It is true though. I seem to get hunger pangs every two hours or so. I learned a while back that the brain does not know the difference between hunger and thirst, so my first thought is to drink some water. Doesn’t always work. It occured to me the other day that maybe I don’t always need to satisfy the hunger pangs. I had had a snack already. I had drank a bottle of water. It was about 40 minutes before lunchtime and I decided to wait it out. I thought a couple of things. First was, I was going to have lunch soon anyway. The second was where did I get the idea that I should not ever be hungry?


The thought that one should never ever have hunger pangs is a weird one. I do not know why it took me so long to figure it out. I was told and I think so many of you, as well, that it was important to not get hungry. The thought was that if one got hungry, than at the next meal we would eat twice as much. I bought into it. I never questioned why I was so weak. In fact, the whole idea assumes that we have NO contol over ourselves. While some of us may have gained weight thataway, by eating way too much, it does not mean we are uncontrollable. Besides, think about it. If you are eating healthy meals, with portion control, an extra handful of salad is not going to tip the scales in the negative. It will if you do it all the time, but seriously, if you have a plan and  are sticking to it, then it is ok to be hungry once in a while. In fact I went home that day and my lunch (which happened to be salad) filled me up and was satisfying.


Back to snacks though, the food , not the cat. It is interesting to pick out snacks for the week. I am someone who will get bored of the same thing over and over again. My husband, no worries, he could have a bowl of cereal for every single meal for a month before he got bored. I am different. It has been interesting coming up with snacks. There are two criteria I have for snacks, One must be that they taste good. Now quit laughing.  A lot of things that are healthy snacks taste like cardboard with cranberries thrown in.  The other is they must be low salt and low calorie (100 more or   less). I am on a 16oo to 1800 calories a day diet. I dont want to use up all my calories on a brownie. ( OK honestly sometimes I do).  I mean two snacks, maybe three a day is 200 to 400 calories.


So I look for all kinds of snacks. I love the litte  80 calorie fruit snacks that came in the little packages, but it is very easy to eat more than one.  So I eat things like carrots and cherry tomatos. I will eat pretzels sticks, but I tend to stay away from chips.  I like to eat apples, and fresh fruit. I like dried fruit. I love Figs and raisins. There are lots of things one can eat as snack. The healthier foods, like the fruits ,you can eat more of them. You can eat 33 cherry tomatoes and that is 100 calories, same thing with 4 cups of cauliflower. Of course if you dip into dressing than that adds to the count.  Basically almost all of your vegetables are super low in calories. Especially if  they are raw because cooking tends to take out the good vitamens and stuff, plus you tend to add to them while cooking.  Things such as salt, butter, oil,even olive oil adds calories.


For me raw veggies and fruit are a free for all. I can eat all the veggies and fruits I want. For a while I was binging on those Cuties, the little mandarins. I could eat several at a time. Anything else I might want to snack one I have become very good at reading the nutrition label. Not only am I Interested in calories, I would like to know how many I can have.  I read a label on something the other day, it was 110 calories per serving, the serving size was 4. Yuck on that. I will defenintely eat more than four of them.  Another thing I look at is sodium. I know a lot of folks look at  fat but I think sodium is more important. I am trying to lose weight not hold on to to it in the form of water, so low sodium for me. In fact, since I have been watching  the sodium, my ankly doesnt swell so much.

Anyway, not having snacks is not the answer, watching what you snack on is. I don’t drink soda, I read the labels, I go for low cal, low sodium snacks. I have also decided that to be hungry before a meal is normal and natural. I don’t need to eat just because I am hungry.


I lost another pound, I have lost 16 pounds. I am still walking 13,000 steps.


Everything I write here is nothing more than me chronicling my efforts to lose weight. I am not a doctor, I am not a nutritionist, I am not a weightloss person. If you are planning on losing weight, I highly recommend you consult with your doctor before doing so.