Been spending a lot of time at the doctors.  Every time I go they measure my weight. Two things always go through my mind when the I see the results on the scale:


1. My Wii Fit lies to me



2. I am not comfortable with what the Doc considers my ideal weight.


We all , every one of us, have a weight at which we are comfortable, what we consider good.

If we listen to the media and hype, however, we are all overweight and by golly we all need to eat better, exercise more, and lose that weight so we can all look like the ideal person.


I challenge that assertion. Not because I think the figures and statistics are flawed or prove me wrong, but because we are all individuals and to fit everyone in a box labeled  “Ideal Weight” is wrong. It only makes people come up with excuses: big-boned, small frames, genetics, illness to name a few. It does nothing for self esteem. It is impossible to be as perfect as the airbrushed photoshopped models.  


SO what is your ideal weight? At which weight are you comfortable at?  Why? Does it matter?

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