Weight Loss

When I was trying to quit smoking I wrote a lot about what was going inside of me as I tried to quit and after I quit. I was really quite frank on my challenges and feelings. Honestly, I probably sounded a bit like a crazy woman. Well, I am now trying to lose weight, so yep you guessed it. I will chronicle  my journey to lose weight.

I will start with telling you that I currently weigh 178 pounds and have been trying to lose weight for a year now. At my heavies I was 189. A pound lighter then 190 and way too close to 200 for me. for some reason up until I weighed 160 I was ok with being bigger. I understood how I got there. I also thought that it would be no problem for me to lose weight. I had quit smoking, I put on pounds because I thought not smoking was more important then worrying about the weight gain. I was on a lot of drugs that helped me gain weight as well. I tried to watch what I ate. when i was on high doses of Prednisone I would eat carrots, three bags of carrots. I ate the all the right things, but calories are calories and even too much healthy food is bad for you.

Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Flex

About a year ago, I got a Fitbit to help me lose weight.  A Fitbit is basically a glorified pedometer. You wear it on your wrist and it syncs with your smart phone It tell s you how many steps you have stepped, how many calories you have burned, active minutes which are those times when you are moving faster and longer than usual.  the cool things i s that you can set goals for yourself. How many steps you want to do in a day, how many miles. how many active minutes etc. You can make a goal for how may calories you want to eat and it will tell you how many calories you have left, if you enter he food. If not it, tells you the calorie burn .

The idea of the calorie thing is that if you are diligent in inputting your food you can see how your exercising ,even just walking , can burn calories and even give you a calorie increase. For example, If i have a goal of 1600 calories but i have a very active day and burn 1800 calories worth of food, the Fitbit will tell you that you have a 200 calories you can eat. Of course you don’t want to eat it. The Fitbit will also tell you if you have not eaten enough calories because, I guess, that is bad for you too.

Fitbit also allows you to add friends who have Fitbits as well. If like me, you don’t have many friends with a Fitbit you can search Facebook, Twitter and even your email looking for others. Or again, if you are  like me and like two people who have Fitbits, then there are groups you can join. It is a good way to challenge yourself and others. If you find someone who is a bit like you then you can encourage each other. There is a button to cheer them on. I participated

FitBit App Dashbaord

FitBit App Dashboard

in a challenge with four other people I came third out five challenger but I am OK with that. Kinda..I hate to lose.

I do  love my Fitbit. when I first got it I thought I  normally walked a lot . I thought I did, I thought at work I

walked…. a lot . I don’t. Not even close, I would come home having only walked 4ooo steps. so I made my goal 8000 steps. When that got easy i made it 10,000 steps.  I thought I would NEVER make 10,000 steps. But I did, it got easy. I took a walk  I went the long around, I parked a little farther out. Now my current goal is 12,000 steps and I am thinking of making it 13000.

Sometimes it is a real challenge to get my steps. I find myself still giving myself excuses. ”

Fit Bot dashboard on Computer

Fitbit Dashboard on Computer

Today I am not breathing well, take it easy. ” or “I went way over in my steps yesterday so I ca take a break today”. The only time I absolutely will not worry about my steps or

exercising at all is when it is super hot. The other day it was 108 . Not a good day to exercise for most people. but I have trouble breathing in high heat or extreme cold. So I was a couch potato that day.

I have lost some weight, but now that I am deciding to get serious I hope , no I am sure I can lose the weight. I think I would be a happier person and perhaps a healthier person. I hope you  don’t mind  me sharing this journey with you.