Weight Loss, Walking, Cake and Heat

Well, I have stayed the course. I have manage to lose a few more pound and have upped my steps to 13000 a day.  When I tweeted that I was upping my step goal on my Fitbit, I got called a lightweight.  Pffft. I guess I could be angry and I will admit  I was little hurt by the comment. I mean don’t they know what I have been through? Do they know that the weight loss, the steps goal, is darn near a miracle?Did  they even know that my steps are only possible becuase my doctor finally found the right combination of meds that allows me to exercise in the first place? I mean seriously how dare someone call me a lightweight, I have worked HARD for the progress I made. I never said any of that though. It made me mad enough to keep going and to try  to make the 13000 steps easy. They are not. Trust me.  When I walk I have to do pursed lip breathing more often then not. That is exhaling through pursed lips so I can get out as much carbon dioxide as possible and make more room for oxygen.

It has been a little harder to walk becuase it has been hotter than hades. I am talking 104, 108 degree fahrenheit. It is hot and remember I am fat,so when I walk  I sweat a lot. That kinda of heat can really zap your srength. Even you skinny people.  In my case, and in the case of anyone with lung disease, hot weather is as important as cold weather in terms of taking care of yourself. It is incredibly important to stay cook stay hydrated and out of the heat. Trips to the hospital with flareups are not fun.

I was also alittle upset it was so hot on Sunday. Too hot to bake.  I have been making Cakes. Bundt cakes to be exact. It is a bit funny to say that when one is trying to lose weight.  Cake is not my enemy.  I know how to have a piece of cake and not the whole thing. I have missed baking so much. I found several recipes I wnte to try and have had a blast making the cakes. Most of the cakes are going to work, but , of course , we munch down on them as well. I am a hell of a baker and the cakes are delish. In fact, I made one i did not like, a chocolate cinnamon mocha cake. It was blech if you asked me , but everyone else thought it was amazing.  I did figure out one trick. When i bake it is almost a gimme that I will nibble on some of the ingredients. Ok, not really, only the chocolate  parts. Well lately, I have been munching on pieces of apple while baking and all the chocolate goes into the cakes. This sunday I was going to make cookies.  But too hot.

I will continue to walk my steps. For any of you that may think I am a lightweight you go ahead and walk the same.  Every day. And while you walk those steps hold you breath  and wehnyou exhale only exhale half on the carbon dioxide then take a breath in.  Also carry around 140 sack of potatoes. Do that every day, then call me a lightweight.

I have lost 15 pounds and am currently at 174.

I do not know how to lose weight and in no way is anything I write to be construed as medical advice. Seek your doctors advice before attempting any weight loss program.