Weight Loss and Time

The other day work I was sitting in the break room with a couple of other employees. When one is sitting in the break room, and there are others eating, you tend to talk about food, die.and weightloss.  Honestly, I find it strange that those who talk the most about diets are the ones eating the donuts, the chips, the cookies and other high-fat foods. You know, all those all those foods that have been deemed as a naughty and bad by the diet world, not that those foods are actually bad, but the stigma is that they are.

So there we were talking about diets and diet foods. I mentioned that I’m not on a diet per se, I just tried to eat sensibly. I know that the more calories I take in that are above what I need in an average day, is going to turn into fat.  That is unless, of course, I do more exercise to burn those calories. I’m always up to exercising more so I make choices based on my energy level. Not to mention the lung disease medicine I take and middle-age spread make it difficult to take off that fat.  I was mentioning some of the snacks I do eat, things like veggies and fruit. I do like the little fruit snacks that are 80 cal. Don’t get me wrong,  I’m no angel, I do eat other stuff. Chips are down fall.

I thinBut back to the employees at the lunchroom. I think what really got me is when I started to talk about the food I do eat, they started giving me a lot of excuses. The biggest one and the one that seemed to be the common thread was they had no time. I think no time is what made us all fat to begin with. Think of fast food, microwave food, cookies emails out of the box, have to feed the kids, no time to cook or prep. Of course, I did not tell them that. I am not a diet Nazi.  I am definitely not the perfect dieter, or the perfect eater, not gonna tell them they’re doing it wrong. Yet it gave me some insight to myself. Time is, indeed, my enemy.

I don’t mean that as if time is a general I mean the time I do have in my day. We all have 24 hours a day, how we spend them is the challenge. Most of us work, eight hours,  think you me, some of us another hour. That makes nine hours, out of our day gone, we need to sleep 8 hours a day. (yes, I know most of us don’t really , but let’s pretend). Now we have 16 hours gone.  That leaves us with 8 hours for leisure , hanging with the family, watching to. No wonder we don’t want to spend it prepping food and actually cooking. Much easier to pick it up on the way home or add to a box of noodles and cheese, than to chop up things and use fresh ingredients to create a meal.  I do get it.

However, rather than eating a bunch of diet food out of a box,(those are pretty good though) it is worth my time to prepare fresh foods and fresh snacks. And if I do have to have a quick snack, let’s say at work, then those I have prepped or even the fruit snacks are much better than spending the $1.25 to get something out of the machine. Besides we really don’t need to eat just because we are on break. Truly. To bring your food with you, including your snacks, is a good idea. Again, choosing the right foods to bring is important. Yet wait, that time thing again.  Yea I know.

What to do? well, I, myself, plan a head a little. When I go to the grocery store, i try to buy fruits and veggies. I am a fan of the veggies as is my husband.  I will cut up the Bell Peppers, broccoli, any other veggies I buy. I place them in snack baggies and into the fridge. that way I have a ready to grab snack. My husband likes to eat them with Salsa. Now I am not quite Susie Homemaker so I do buy jarred salsa. Salsa is low cal so its ok.  If I do this beforehand, when I am out of time, I have a quick snack to eat  that is basically grab and go. It takes me about an hour to prep it.  Same thing with fruits. While I don’t cut those up, I  make  sure I buy fruit that is grab and go. Apple, grapes are grab and go. I love those little mandarin oranges, Cuties. I do cutup oranges into slices beforehand because those are easier to eat and they do last once cut.

As for my meals, dinner and what not, I used to have a menu. I made this menu once a month wrote down all the things I needed to buy, and never followed the menu. So, I gave up on that. Mainly because some of my mills were more time intensive, and sometimes they weren’t. I found I could not predict when I was going to have a crazy day or an easy day. So no, menu for me. Instead when I go to the grocery store, I make sure I pick up chicken, turkey meat.( I love the ground turkey meat, it is awesome substitute for ground beef). I like to pick up some organic pasta and maybe tomatoes. I pick up anything that can be transformed into a meal in 30 minutes.  Fish is a favorite. It does not take long to cook and remember those bags of veggies? Well, poke a hole and nuke them instant steamed veggies. I guess, what I am really trying to say , is instead of planning a menu, I just plan to buy food that is fresh and easy  to prepare. 30 minute meals are easy if the ingredients are fresh.

So while we don’t have a lot of time, some of us have than others, we can plan out and prepare our meals and snacks, to make healthy choices be easy ones. Preparing snacks that are grab and go make it easier to snack right and buying fresh ingredients can make mealtime quick.  30 minutes to prepare, cook and eat a meal is the same time it takes to go through the drive through window at your favorite fast food restaurant. So, while it is easy to make time the excuse, it is also easy to take that excuse away. It is a matter of time.


Anything I write here is not intended to be weight loss advice. I am not a docotr or a nutritionist. I only write of my experiencces in my journey to lose weight. If you are thinking of starting a weight loss or healthy eating regime I highly recommend you first consult with your Doctor.