Weight Loss and Scales

Not scales as in do re mi fa so la ti do. Nope, scales as in those things that weighs you and judges you. What gained 5 pounds again?  Or, Oh, you lost 5 pounds again. Judegmental looks and silent disapproval just comes in waves from the thing. Or maybe I am projecting. Anyway , I went to the doctors. I was all happy to show that I have lost the weight. I mean I stayed at the same weight forever. Now, I have lost weight. Not at my goal weight but I have lost 15 pounds , I know I did . My scale said I did.  Yet there I am standing on one of those scales with the u shaped handle . I guess those are so I have something to hold on to when I am shocked by the weight that is displayed. That scale said I only lost 5 pounds.  What the what.

In I go to see the Doctor.  I ask her “why oh why does the scale say I only lost 5 pounds when mine says different?” I got a lecture that said I should not weight myself al lthe time. That  I should concentrate on exercising and being aware of what I am eating and so on and so forth. OH yea, their, the Doc’s, scales are calibrated daily and are more accurate. Oh yeah? Well, I went to Target afterwards and I stood on all the scales I could and every one said I weighed different weight. So which one is right? I might get the one that said I weighed  the least.

I guess it is true in a way what she said. It is more important to eat right, not eat too many candybars and to exercise.  I do eat right, I make 99% of my own meals I rarely eat out and when I do I choose a sit down resteruant. Rare for me to have fast food. I try to choose  fresh foods.  I dont eat much pre packeaged foods. I do exercise. I walk. With my emphysema I am not allowed to do cardio. My poor heart could not take it.  So I walk. A lot. And it is starting to work. But my knees are hurting.  Hurting enough to go to the doctors.

The knees got xrayed and a little NSAID was given. I am to go to therpay, do stretches and all that. My concern was that I would not be able to walk. It is my biggest form of exercise. I usually walk up to 13000 steps a day ( so far) Can’t walk with bad knees. It is funny talking with the doc about weight loss. She is not really worried about it. Not becuase I don’t need to lose weight, but becuase she knows that I have a very hard road  with many obtacle in my way.  whatever. She talks about meds making it impossible to lose weight and not being able to breathe well. I don’t care, I am determined to lose weight.

My big dilemena now is twofold. One, I am nervous what the xrays say. Please don’t be arthritis. And two, Which scale should I trust? Should I buy the one that said I lost the most weight? I kid. I will stay with mine. It is the one I live with and, honestly, I feel a little more excited when I have lost another pound or so.

I have lost 20 pound according to MY scale. My fitbit walk goal is 13,000 steps. Everything I write is just my experience with trying to lose weight. I am in no way an expert or a medical docotor. Nothing I write should be construed as advice. See your Doctor before attempting to lose weight.