Weight Loss and Diets

When one thinks of weight loss and losing weight, you usually think of  going on a diet.  Am I right? There a ton of diets out there and probably some of them are pretty good. I was talking with a friend and she mentioned that she wanted to lose a few pounds. I asked her what she was going to do about. She said she wanted to go on the South Beach Diet, but her husband wouldn’ let her.  I have a little issue with the part of the statement that was “my husband won’t let me” Really? This time, however, I held my tongue and asked why not. Well it turns out she lost a lot of weight. I mean a lot, like down to skin and bones. that is why hubby don’t want her to go back on the diet. Hoenstly I thought she looked just fine.  The other gal we were with said tht when she wanted to lose weight he jsut got out there and ran for 2 miles everyday until she got to where she wanted to be.  I wish I could do that. Run that is.  I got to thinking abut all the diets out there. Here a few that people have mentioned to me that they swear help them lose weight.

1.South Beach Diet. 70-percent-off-at-south-beach-diet-online-200372-regular

The South Beach Diet is a popular weight-loss diet created in 2003 by cardiologist Arthur Agatston and outlined in his best-selling book, “The South Beach Diet: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss.”   The diet is supposed to a low-carbohydrate diet. It is lower in carbs and higher in protein and healthy fats than a normaleating plan. But it’s not a strict low-carb diet, and you don’t have to count carbs. Supposedly it is a good plan if you follow it and anmake for alifetime plan.

unnamed2. Weight Watchers.

A lot of  people have mention Weight watchers to me. They talk about points and meetings, both online and in person and coaches and oh my. Most of them eat cookies and say to me thats 100 bazillion points. Ok i don’t know how many points. But weight watchers is truly a plan that could work for many people. It  is basically portion control  and lifetime changes. I think if one is bigger due to other reasons than just eating, lerning why you eat so much, learning what to choose and having someone on your side probably helps a lot of  people.

3. Raw Food, Paleo Diet (Caveman diet)Paleo_Diet-copy-small

Now I enjoy raw food.  I do. I have no problems eating handfuls of nuts and leafy greens. You are supposed ot eat only that which is uprocessed and raw, (except meat.) Much of the food is not cooked. You can indeed get a lot fo nutrients and vitamins from raw food.I have a friend who does eat raw food diet not for losing weight but to just feel better.  my  nitrionists (yes I see one) says that any diet that restricts food is not a good diet.

jenny-craig14. Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Medifast,  Slim-Fast

These are all the same diet. They are meal replacement diets. They all have you replace all or some of the meals you eat with their product. All of them offer counseling, kinda, mostly online. Jenny Craig, I believe has groups that one can attend.  Honestly they all probably work, especially of one makes heathly choices for the other meals.  They are costly though, so many people cannot afford to keep it up.

5. OptiFast

This is the one that I went to a meeting about. It was crazy. The whole meeting was crazy. Tthey said it was for very obese people and that we woud be ingesting 900 or less calories a day. At the time I was on high dose prednisne and was not qualified for the program.  Obese?  The thing I remember the most was that it was expensive  and that the lady in front of me came with 4 large McDnald bags and sat and ate everything in there.  The diet was mostly liquid for the first 6 months. They had doctors to watch you and your health. I would say so. 900 calories or less a day is pretty extreme.

Honestly I am not on a “diet”. I drink the special K drink in the morning because I need to take my pills and I won’t have breakfast otherwise.   Althought my nutrionist would like me to eat brakfast she is ok with me drinking it. My plan is to burn more calories than I eat. Sometimes I am super good at it and sometimes not so much.  I string more days togehter that I am good at it than not so I am losing weight. Slowly slowly slowly. I will take it!

I am not a doctor, nor am I  an expert on weightloss. At no time is anything I write to be construed as advice or as expert advice. Please consult your doctor before attempting any weight loss or exercise program.

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