Vagabond Vacation ~ Redwoods

My most favorite parts of this trip was going through the Avenue of The Giants. It is a 31 mile portion of old highway 101 in Northern California. I loved it. We drove really slow through it with the windows wide open. It was very cold, so we had the heater going full blast as well. Worth it. To see the trees in full color and smell the smells that are only in old growth forest, completely worth it. I absolutely fell in love with this drive and we went through twice.




The Avenue of the Giants is a part of the Redwood Belt and probably the most accessible and the most outstanding display of the Giants. THere are a million turnouts and little campsites and day use areas where one can pull over and walk among the giants. Most of the groves have markers describing the sights. The groves themselves are all named and of course there are markers explaining the names. There is also an “Auto Tour” that one can take. At both ends of the Avenue are little boxes where one can pick up a map. On the map there are numbers which correspond to stops. You go to each stop and learn a little about the Redwoods as you go. We did not do the Auto Tour, but because we are folks who just got to know, we stopped to see what it was about.

The redwoods themselve are magnificent. What can one say that hasn’t been said about them already? Mother Nature has outdone herself with these trees. They are HUGE. Some of these trees are over 350 feet tall and some live as long as 2500 years. That is amazing. They truly are a sight to see.

I so enjoyed these trees but I will say there were a lot of people mulling about. Most were fairly respectful but I did notice some who do understand that the forest is home to many things and treading lightly was in order. Yes, I mentioned it. It was also due to the amount of people that the only wildlife one sees are the chipmunks and birds. I did get the feeling however that if the forest was closed to tourists and you could be the only one about that it would come alive.

Being all touristy we also took a quick side trip and took a drive through the drive through tree. It was silliness but we had fun with it. Besides, now we can say we did it.

for scale..I am 5″ 2″ tall

The Avenue of the Giants is always going to be on my  must do list. I would rather take the slow 31 mile drive then drive down the highway. I will add time to travel rather than miss them. If you are in the Northern Humboldt Area go see…it is worth it.