Vagabond Vacation cont.

Since we were travelling on the Fourth of July, and since I really, really like fireworks,  no matter what the occasion, I had hoped we would find some, somewhere. Since Benbow and Garberville did not work out and I was honestly just getting tired, I had pretty much given up hope for fireworks. Although there were plenty of chain motels about, we wanted to stay in something that was a little diffferent. Perhaps even charming.



Sign coming into Rio Del Mar

In Rio Del Mar we found such a place. I feel bad because I do not remember the name of the motel but it was indeed charming. The outside decor was reminiscent of Swiss architecture. Well, Swiss architecture from a rural American’s point of view. Think Heidi. Anyway the rooms were small but clean. The biggest surprise for me was that not only did they give us 6 pillows, (yes, 6 on one bed) but the sheets were wine colored. I was actually pleased about that. Most places have white sheets, the easier to bleach them I guess. The sheets added to the “homey” feel. I liked it. Perhaps I am easier to please than I thought.


The gentlemen in the office was a talker. One of those who will tell you more than you ever wanted to know. When he found out we were hoping for Fireworks, he informed us that at the Fairgrounds in Ferndale there would be some. Yes! He then gave us directions on how to get to those fireworks,but instead of getting back on the highway, he gave us the “shortcut”. We  found out the next day when we got back onto the highway that it was, indeed, a short cut.

creepy cows

We drop our stuff in the motel room and go to find this was a little, narrow, rural road that winded around a mountain and passed very small dairy farms. Those dairy cows were kinda creepy all huddled up against the fence watching us as we passed. I do believe I saw a “B” movie once that had the exact same scene. We made it through intact without any cow attacks and made into Ferndale.

Smiley Face Fireworks

Ferndale is a neat place. Main Street is lined with Victorian buildings and shops. What we saw of the rest of town it seemed that most of the houses were also Victorian in style. I happen to love the Victorian style. It has always been an unformed dream of mine to buy one and restore it. We parked behind a school to watch the Fireworks. Ah! Such great fireworks. Boom Boom…and quite a long time of them. Perhaps 45 minutes worth. I loved every one, but  I really like the smiley face ones. We left with the idea that we would come back the next day and stroll along the Main Street.


Speaking of Main Streets, and in closing I will say that I was impressed with how many flags we saw flying in many of the small towns we went through. The one that gets my A+ rating is Willits. As we drove through willits, there were American Flags lining Main street. I do mean lining the street. There was a flag every 3 feet. It was awesome. Kudos to Willits for celebrating in style.