Vacation Wishes

I have never had an official vacation, not counting the two times I got to go to Disneyland and Hawaii both for a week. I do believe that was the only real, planned, on purpose vacation that.  Don’t get me wrong, I have travelled but for the most part, it was mostly in conjunction with work of some kind.

I do love travelling and, like most, for me, it is the journey not the destination. I especially love road trips. If there is not a time constraint, I love taking the long way. The long way is usually more scenic and has more to look at, even if there are fewer places to go potty. It is the long way that one finds roads named Ocean Drive in the middle of the desert. Have to go down roads like that (never did find an ocean).  It is the long way that you see historical markers on the side of the road that has those odd bits of information on them with a short history of the place, why they named it what they did, etc. A memorable marker was one that said that down the path a historical event took place. With that one, of course we went down the path, through the woods, walking for what seemed like a mile. Get to the spot and it was a small pond fed by a small stream. There, we found a plaque that informed us that on that particular spot in 1800 something four cowboys were found dead. No one knows how they died, the water is not poisoned and there were no wounds.  So we looked, said huh? And trudged back up to the car.  Fun times!

Lately, been thinking about the places that I want to see. Some of which, like the Grand Canyon, are close by, but I have never been.  Some of them, I do believe would take some real planning, like going to see the Smithsonian Museum. There are 19 museums, so I do believe that unless one wants to spend a couple of months looking at everything, one would probably need to pick the museums they really want to see. For me number one would be the natural history museum.

My dream vacation would have to be getting in a RV, opening a book of unusual places and randomly picking one out to go see. That would be fun! Other than that, I do have some places that are “must see” for me. This is the short list.


  1. Grand Canyon
  2. The Alamo
  3. Gettysburg
  4. Valley Forge
  5. Epcot Center
  6. The Everglades
  7. Monticello
  8. Yellowstone
  9. Fort Laramie
  10. Niagara Falls



There are many more, (not mention the places to see along the way) but the above is a good start.  I am sure, as I check the above off, that I will find others to replace them! If you could just up and go, take off on vacation, where would you go first?