Turkey Day and People Described as Food.

We got turkey day coming up and I went and bought me a good size turkey. I certainly hope it fits into my oven. We are straying from tradition here as we usually have the boys go dirt biking and then we have a traditional Thanksgiving Day Pizza. With the upcoming move , however,  we will be between houses during Christmas. Because of that,  I made a decision  to have a good old-fashioned turkey dinner.  Not even going to talk  about weight loss during a time like this.  Nope. Not even worried about it.

I was walking around the grocery store today, perusing the turkeys. One of them was a special deal where if you buy $25 worth of groceries you could pick up this turkey at 69 cents a pound. Hey now, I saved 18 bucks. SO I walked around and got other stuff I needed/wanted. As I did I was looking at the items stocked in the store and thinking.  Usually I do not always share most of the stuff that goes in in my head. There are some pretty unusual things going on in there.  This time I will share. In my best Andy Rooney voice, I ask “Did ya ever notice how much food is a part of our language? How we use food items as descriptions?” I know I know, I will explain further.

We use food items to describe a lot of things in our language.  We use food to describe people:

He is such a ham.

What a turkey she is

She is the breadwinner of the family.

He brings home the bacon.

Sam is a big chicken.

When it comes to solving problems, Sally really knows how to use her noodle.

Babs is such a peach.

John is so out of shape, he is such a couch potato.

Rick is a little nuts.

Such a cheesy smile he has.

Little sissy is a carrot top.

My granddaughter is such a little cutie pie.

My girl is so pretty, she is eye candy.

That boy is such a shrimp.

He was not wearing his helmet when he crashed his motorcycle and now he is a vegetable.

So this is what I do when I walk around. Things likes the above do go through my head.  I am wondering, (uh oh) if you know of any food that is used to describe people I may have missed? Do share!