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Took a Walk on the River Promenade

By Fabrictramp at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

In my little town on the Sacramento River, we have a river walk promenade. It is really nice, but it wasn’t always that way. In fact, despite the Covid lockdown, I haven’t been to it in almost a year and a half. There were a lot of people there whom I didn’t wish to have contact with. Some of them scared me. Some of them were pretty erratic. Not all the people. Many of them were just fishing and enjoying their day, especially on the weekends. Yet still, I have been asked for money and challenged to a Ka-Ra-Ta match. So not conducive to maintaining my serenity.

These days there have been improvements. It is much cleaner. Most of the garbage is gone. There are picnic tables with those sail tent things over them for shade. The overgrown plantings are gone and replaced with better-looking plants or grass. I only saw 1 river cat. Doesn’t mean there aren’t more, but usually see a ton of them. The best thing? Sea Lions were under the Rio Vista Bridge calling for more art.

Enjoy the video. As always, if you want me to talk about something or have questions do not hesitate to tell me. Liking, following, and sharing is highly encouraged.

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